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Welcome to Med. Type 2!

This RP is still in the works.

In Sounerville, the government has always been untrusted. But to seal up the trust, the government invites special doctors and nurses from around the world to brainwash each person for millions, maybe billions of dollars.

From around the world, there are only a few people left normal and not brainwashed. A crew of doctors and nurses who chose not to brainwash for cash. Now you need to find a answer to solve the depth of the situation. And, you’ll need to find the antidote. Call it Medication Type 2.



The villainy group, Segriven.

Leader. 1/1. Reserved by QueenMilii.

Co-Leader. 0/1.

Shooter. 0/2.

Side switcher. 1/1. Reserved by C_ssie

Brainwasher. 0/5.

The good guy group, Klearon.

Leader. 0/1.

Co-Leader. 0/1.

Spy. 2/2. Reserved by CrazygirldY_dY_dY and Beary

Cure finders. 0/3.

Hospital Hacker. 1/1. Reserved by Ella.

Patient tender. 0/2.

Comment here to reserve a spot! Make sure to share too!

I would be happy if you could put your character name and FACECLAIM in the replying part of this thread. So that I can do that over here.


reserve hospital hacker!




Can I reserve leader?
I am stupid and I kinda don’t understand/know what face claims are… :sweat_smile:


Sure which group?


Can I reserve a spy please?


The villian group! I’m sorry I’m also really lost.
Well I’ll be in the villian group as long as I don’t die.




It`s all good.




Reserve for spy


Is this still open? If so, reserve leader for good guy group and shooter for bad guy