Medavial Writing Group!

So me and some people are creating this story and we need some new member to help with the story

Available roles:

-Social Media Manager

You must have instagram

Thanks! :grin:



Hello @Davidcrvz! This is Camelost, and we’d like to remind you to check out the Forum Tutorial to make sure you’re posting topics in the correct categories. Thank you :sunglasses:

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I would love to be the social media manager if you still need one. I like to think that I am good with these kind of things.

I would love to help! I can help makes covers, overlays and backgrounds as well as help with writing and story planning. I already have a couple of stories released that I am still working on, but I would love to work with you guys!

Fantastic! we love to have you in our group!

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I would love to code or edit if those position are still available!

That will be great! Just send me you’re Instagram Id and we will talk more there! :grin:

Edit : We are no longer looking for a story planner