Medical Drama - Yes or no

So I was thinking as a sequel to my current story: Second Chance, I was wondering if I focused more on the medical side, would you read it?

It’s a bit of Romance/Medical/Comedy

It’s set in the future so there will be a lot of new medicines and procedures which haven’t been invented yet.

Yay or nay?


Hi I unfortunatelly dont know your first story. But in my opinion the theme is interesting for sure - there are lot of TV series aiming on medical surrounding so it is for sure something people are interested in.

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First story has the medical element in it but it mainly focusses on mental health.
The sequel will deffo have much more medical themes in it and since it’s about healing, you’ll get a few comedy elements in it as well, so something like Scrubs for example

In general any theme is fine if you are good writer and can make interesting plot / characters / dialogues.
because this at the end is what keeps reader by the story and not the theme itself :smiley:

Thanks, I really appreciate your input

I would :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support means a lot x


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Absolutely! But please make sure to do a lot of research on the topic and maybe consult a real doctor or medical student :smiley:

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Definitely! Medical series are super cool and interesting. But it will be really important to do thorough research so it feels realistic and not like a bunch of mumbo jumbo :slight_smile:

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I would say yes, as I’m writing medical drama too!

Yes I love medical stories. I do wish there were more options for hospital/ medical-related animation and wardrobe though.

I’d say yes, but then also no.

Yes, because it sounds interesting.

But no because if it’s not accurate or even close to accurate, it might not be that interesting to me. Of course idk how accurate it’d be.

If you do research and ask professionals about things so it’ll be accurate, then I’d definnetly read it. But again please don’t make it too dramatic like most of the tv shows are :sweat_smile:

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Yes! Finally someone!

Will do!
It’ll just be basic stuff but yeah, I will

Are you really… really a doctor?

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Same. They’re very limited.
No gloves or masks…WHAAAAT!

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Will do! Just hope I don’t end up being a doctor too :joy:

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Personally for me, Medical things aren’t very interesting unless someone is dying or they have serious drama in their lives. But that’s me.