Medical story research

I want to incorporate some medical aspects, so I have 2 questions.

  1. In what form should I incorporate it?
  2. Is there anyone on this platform who is a nurse or doctor? If so, then please send me a pm.

*For medical asspects the majority is a mc or li or there friend/ family end upon the hospital for whatever reason, also people going to the obgyn during pregnancy are quite popular. So maybe try not using the popular ones.
*Maybe use some of the following not popular used ones: dentists, eye doctor visits, foot doctors, medical professors/ medical related college classes.
*Some other medical type professions you could do are: Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Fitness or Yoga instructor, and/ or Chiropractor.
*Or clients of these professions
2. Not that I know of. Maybe check threads where people share jobs, recent ones.

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I think it all depends on your story. The form that you choose has to fit into the plot that you have. So maybe include more information on your characters or plot, then people can make recommendations on what would make sense.

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I don’t quite understand your first question. Are you asking for medical information from professionals or looking for medical story ideas?


I highly doubt you’ll find an active medical professional who writes on the app that is also available to help for a long duration. I suggest just using these websites if you want to do extensive research on diseases and treatments, they have explanations that are general public-friendly. - diseases, research, treatment - diseases - drugs

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Thanks! Do you have a link or search term for me?

Thanks! I wil definitely use them.


I don’t have a specific link, I remember passing by a few threads about it but I can’t find they so they might have been archived.