Medicine Bottle overlay?

Can anyone help me create an overlay for an episode story? I really need a bottle of pills for an overlay.


I don’t have one, but be careful when uploading one because it could get rejected because it contains drugs. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. Do you think it would be okay if one of the characters was on medications for a mental thingy? So like they take pills for it.

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I think I have one on my computer that I found, but I don’t access to it right now :frowning:

Imma save this just in case you still need one

Hmmmm. I’m not sure. You might have to look back through the content guidelines. :slight_smile:

You might be able to as long as it’s not glorified. :slight_smile:

Okay. Thanks so much!

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You can as long as it is a prescribed by a doctor and it doesn’t contain heavy drugs. If it contains dangerous ingredients don’t glorify it and don’t describe what’s inside.

Hmm I actually created a medicine bottle model on a game. I can add some pills in it too if you want to.

Btw I can turn it into an overlay

Could you please do that for me? That would be amazing.

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medicine overlay
Honestly it looks very ugly. It’s up to you if you want to use it xP

Oh, and here’s one of the pills I used in the overlay.

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Nice! Thank you