Medieval Backgrounds (free to share)

Hey everyone! I created some medieval backgrounds and wanted to share them. I hope you like them : )


Here I edited an existing background from Episode.




Hey! These are beautiful.
Do you have any gaming area bg, I mean like the one’s shown in games when the player is playing.

Similar to your last post. Also how may I credit u?

Because I am me and dont trust a single artist, after seing art theft almost once a week, I reverse image search a few of the backgrounds, because we cant use anything copyright its against the rules and can get people in trouble, but I didnt find anything, which I am glad for, its always nice when we get a proper artist

your backgrounds look amazing. I love the fireplace

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Yes, it’s called “wurm deed planner”. It’s free and also online. I’ve built the street there, took Screenshots and edited it.

You don’t need to credit me, but if you want to, you can do. Something like “background/overlay by vanessat”. But it’s really not necessary :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Now these are beautiful :heart_eyes:

They are amazing… Can uh please make/find some nice royal ish type classroom, sitting study room of school and nice open ground with trees… That’s a request… I would really appreciate it… I searched everywhere I didn’t find any…

Yes, I can do :blush:
But I’m not quite sure what you want exactly :see_no_evil:
Like, do you want the classroom in a medieval time or more modern? And how many desks do you want, because royals got usually educated alone or with their siblings. And the open ground… do you mean something like a forest?

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Something like this?

If you like it, here is everything with overlays :blush:

Here is the study room

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And here is an older version of a study room

how shall i credit uh?

i found the open ground
bt my theme is slightly modern, ish …can uh help me with the classroom …the chair or benches for 9 students… nd 2 teachers… i loved the library and please tell me ur id for credits

Ok :+1:
“background/overlay by vanessat” or something like that :blush:
Ok, I try to create something like that. Should it be all in one scene or over 3?

Ok, I try to create something like that. Should it be all in one scene or over 3?