Medieval Fantasy story w/ point system & choices matter

Hello hello!
After a very, very long process, I’ve finally released my new story, A Song of Fire and Sand!

In it, you play as Siraa Reza, a woman who led her kingdom to peace, only to have the Tyrant King Valar Sepitus come back years later and rip it from her hands.
She casts a spell that puts her in a decade-long sleep to save her life, later awaking to a destroyed kingdom and a new rebellion rising up.

The points system determines how certain characters feel towards you, and most importantly, how the people of Skalbia view their once great Empress. Gaining their trust unlocks options that contribute to better outcomes.

Three endings are available to unlock, Vengeful, Diplomatic, or Noble. While none can be categorized as good or bad, each have their pros and cons, and the choices you make determine which path Siraa Reza takes to reclaim her home.

Limited CC is offered, and it is still being written!
But please check out my instagram at jiagrace_official for updates, and thanks for reading!



this sounds like a great story!!! I love fantasy :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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It sounds like you’ve worked really hard on it and who doesn’t love fantasy’s? Besides the cover looks amazing!! I will make sure to read it!

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Really excited to hear that! Thanks mate!

Thanks, I really appreciate that :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Love the idea of this. Title is very similar to A song of fire and ice though. Someone might report you for copyright, so be careful.


Yes I unfortunately realized that when it was too late. I don’t keep up with that franchise at all, so I honestly was unaware of the name :joy: whatever happens, happens I suppose

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Historical fantasy is SO my cup of coffee :smile:

First I thought I saw The Song of Ice and Fire I swear I can’t read lol

I’ll def give it a try :+1:

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omg yes, this is what i need! i feel like you got inspiration from game of thrones/tha song of ice and fire? be careful w copyright tho. :’)

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Do u have a link?

I know !!! I only realized that when it was too late :joy: I’ve never read or watched anything game of thrones, so I had no clue that was its title :two_hearts:

I do indeed, hope you enjoy!

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