Medieval Fantasy w/ point system, 3 endings, and choices matter

Hello again!
Some of you may have already seen me announcing this story, but there have been some changes.

This story was previously known as A Song of Fire and Sand, but it was made clear the me that it was very similar to another franchise that I am in no way familiar with (So I honestly didn’t realize the titles were pretty much identical)

To avoid the risk of a copyright strike, I decided to change the title to A Pathfinder’s Hymn

In this story, you play as Siraa Reza, a woman crowned Divine Empress of Skalbia after leading a rebellion years prior.
A man named Valar Sepitus suddenly takes over the neighboring kingdom, and on the day he marches into her palace, she flees to a temple in refuge, where she casts a spell that puts her into a deep sleep for 10 years.
Upon awakening, she must learn to work with the people once more to bring down Valar Sepitus and once again, reclaim her kingdom of Skalbia.

There are 3 endings you can get- Diplomatic, Vengeful, and Noble. None of them are ‘good endings’ or ‘bad endings’, each have their pros and cons, and ultimately decides which path Siraa takes when fighting back against Valar.
You also have to opportunity to build up Prestige, which ultimately decides whether or not you gain back the people’s trust.

There are currently only 3 episodes out, but I am well into chapter 4, and I’m also finishing my classes, so updates will be more frequent!

Thanks all so much for reading, and please go to my instagram jiagrace_official for updates, sneak peaks, etc etc :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Just read the first episode and I love it!


I loved that story! It’s definitely been a while, but I may just reread it to get my brain back in the medieval grind :two_hearts:

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Read all three episodes so far and I love it! It’s well-written and for me, there were no boring or confusing moments.

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Really glad to hear that! Chap.4 should be up soon :clap:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


Guys, check this story out! It deserves way more reads than it has and it’s really, really good.

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Mate you’re gonna make me cry :cry::two_hearts:

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This looks really interesting! I’ll check it out as soon as possible because premises like that are my jam :smiley:

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I’m real excited for you then, I think you’ll like it!