Medieval hair and clothing

Hi, again! I was thinking about medieval clothing for limelight! I mean, medieval era for fantasy stories is a basic (a basic we all love and can’t get enough from). So I am proposing some medieval clothing for men and women, and to add to this I am also proposing hairstyles! I found the photos on pinterest and I found them very pretty and quite realistic considering history!

Women dresses:

Heiress ✔  - Chapter-3 (e) Renaissance Dress Tudor Costume Masquerade Ball Noble royal Clothing Garb LOTR The Top 30 Dresses Queen Mary Wore On The CW's Reign

Women Hairstyles:

bfefd606c90ca80f8e3ab06b806b53e9 Blog Archives Fancy Multi-Braids Ponytail Isabelle de France, Les Rois maudits

Men clothing:

A Guide to the Apparel of Middle Earth Berets Michael Cinco Fashion Forward 2019 Dubai

Men Hairstyles:

Thank you for your concern!


Take out clothing. We have medieval threads talking about clothing. So just keep the hair styles pictures, and the topic: HAIR: Medieval Hairstyles For Men & Women .


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