Medieval Outfit ideas


So, ya girl has ran into an issue.

What’s the issue you ask?

I’m trying to write a story that takes place in a medieval time period…
On limelight.

Yep, I said it. Limelight.
We all know how IMPOSSIBLE it is to write a story that takes place in a medieval era due to the lack of clothing. You’d have to be very creative with mixing different clothing pieces and layers to come up with something fitting. I’ve tried but I lack the patience and could use some tips.

So, if you guys have any outfits or tips than it would help a lot. I MEAN A LOT.

Because this is hard.

Episode, if you’re seeing this.
Please add more medival friendly clothing. It doesn’t have to be medieval specific. Just some skirts and such like on ink would help. Please. Please please please.


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