Medieval overlays drive

Hi everyone! @Amphia inspired me so now I’m keen on reading stories which happen in the middle ages or involve kingdoms :slight_smile:
Here’s the folder with the overlays to make creating stories a bit easier.

Drive contains
  • Knight costumes

  • Axes, bows, swords, shields

  • Books, feathers, a certificate, a stroll

  • Beds, tables, couches, chairs, chests, a dresser

  • Thrones, candles, crowns, gold crown silhouettes and more

  • Barrels, beet cups

  • Carts, dares, covered wagons and horses

  • And a lot of other random stuff

You don’t have to credit me

Lots of love,


I’m not a fantasy writer nor do I write in medieval times. But I do thank you for your hard work you’ve done to help those authors who need them!



This is awesome and super helpful! Thank you!

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It always feels good to help idk

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Aha :joy:, it does feel good to help!

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This actually fits perfectly to the story I JUST began on planning… are u a mindreader??

For real though thank you so much! :hearts:

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Maybe) :kissing_heart:

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