Medieval Stories & Arranged Marriages - A Rant


So. Medieval fantasy stories on Episode.
They seem to often be… lacking, although, that’s a problem in the fantasy genre on Episode in general. Another topic, another rant, another time.

One thing that seems to be very common in medieval stories on Episode in general is the presence of the princess main character being put into an arranged marriage with some eligible bachelor. Which, makes sense. That’s a thing in medieval times, especially for princes and princesses.

Now, here’s where my problem comes in. ALWAYS, the princesses’s parents are in love, and ALWAYS she’s being set up with a guy that she doesn’t like. This way the princess MC can have that oh-so-dramatic line where she tells her parents that they don’t understand, like an angsty teenager.
I don’t know why this makes me so angry. Probably because… god dammit you’re a princess and getting married to total strangers is normal, haven’t you been taught this since you were little!?

But, you know, then there’s something else! The one betrothed to the princess always seems to be a rude, abusive, sexist, asshole. I’m not saying those people don’t exist, but, it just seems like the author is trying to justify the princess not marrying him. Because, hey, otherwise it would be totally fine and make sense for the princess to get married to him, right? And not for her to get into some convoluted plot about her running away and fnding her ‘true love’ (gack), and probably with this abusive bachelor’s half-brother or something BS like that.
Anyways, even if the bachelor did hit the princess before they were married… he’s still some ol’ noble, and the princess is the princess. Excuse me? Even if you are betrothed to the princess, you’re still a noble, and the least worst thing that would probaby happen is getting your hand cut off. Logicially, it would make no sense. Even to reveal yourself as an asshole before the marriage! But maybe that’s just a case of writing a bad villain.

Well. This is a rant I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, because almost every time I read a medieval (fantasy) story on this app, they seem to fall down the same hole, and it makes my blood boil.
… Anyways, thanks for reading, and post your thoughts on this topic down below.

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I totally agree its a bit annoying and predictable


That’s so totally true! And some stories have it when they get married anyway because “their feelings have changed.” Like come on! I’m actually working on a medieval (fantasy) story myself and the storyline is gonna be way different! :heart: you all!


lol thats exactly what every story is thats why I stopped reading that genre


I agree with ever single point you make. I love to read about royalty and medieval stories but they become so repetitive so quickly. I think the authors don’t want to write it so the prince ends up being perfect and give unrealistic expectations, whatever they may be, but this gives them a whole other problem. Also for some reason there are always balls and parties and most of them take up three to five chapters but something political takes a chapter and it’s over. There’s always a party! Why is that?

Also, love the profile picture. Fall Out Boy for life!


As someone in a part of a culture where arranged marriages are common, I would like to agree and add to this that arranged marriages as a whole aren’t always “THE WORST THING EVER EVER EVER” or solely for political reasons. Nor do you always fall in love with your arranged spouse eventually. Sometimes, it’s just a marriage where you don’t quite love each other but don’t hate each other with all your soul. Sometimes, it’s less “my parents are forcing me into this and more “this is a decision we made together because we believe it’s for the best” More accurate depictions of arranged marriages are so important.


Hehe, thank you! :wink:


Yes, this really portrays arranged marriage as a horrible and evil practice. Lots of people still use this practice and making it seem as tragic as these authors do is a poor way to portray these type of people. On top of that, it’s just a very unoriginal concept that makes for a boring twist or beginning.


i feel like arranged marriages are used too much, i know that in the “olden days” the dad would choose who the daughter marries or a prophecy was made ages ago meaning THEY “HAVE” to marry or whateveerrrr tbh i just think it’s not as interesting, ya knowwww?


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