Meet-cute ideas?

I’m writing a story where the MC and LI both love cooking, and are applying to a school with a culinary program. The thing is, I’m not sure how I want them to meet. Right now, I have a few possible ideas, but I’d like some suggestions.

Here’s the poll about the specific meet-cute in my story:

  • The MC develops a crush on the LI after watching him on cooking videos, then meets him in person on the first day of school.
  • The MC and the LI meet at a wedding that the MC’s parents are catering. They bond at the buffet table, talking about food.
  • The MC uploads a cooking video, and the LI replies to it with a nice comment. When they meet at school, the LI mentions to the MC that he knows her from the video.
  • Something else (comment below)

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As well as some questions about meet-cutes in general?

  • Do you have any favorite types of meet-cutes?
  • Are there any meet-cutes you absolutely hate?

I think the wedding catering idea would be cute af :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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I think the wedding idea is cute so it gives both the MC and LI time to fall in love at the same time. Unless you prefer someone to crush on the other first, in that case the cooking video one is cute!


Love the catering idea!!
Maybe there can be some type of misunderstanding between them?

i.e.: LI could think it was MC’s wedding (person who gets married is having a nontraditional wedding and the bridesmaids wear white instead? Or, MC has a twin and they get mixed up? Or, it could be that MC was the one to choose LI’s family company and MC keeps referring to how long it took them to plan…? Idk. It would add some hesitation between the LI because they assumed MC is taken…)

The possibilities are endless.

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I think the catering idea, is also great! Here’s my suggestion:

-What if the MC and LI are both already in the culinary program and when they’re both preparing some kind of dish involving flour and eggs, the MC tears up the bag wide open while struggling to open it. The thing is the LI was walking over to get some ingredients at the table to where coincidentally ,the MC’s station is, and that’s when the bag of flour explodes all over the LI. Then they’d both laugh it off. (Or however you choose to play off their personalities). After that maybe the MC is starts noticing the LI more that just an acquaintance? :joy: