Meg's character designs shop! [OPEN] ⭐️

Hello! Welcome to Meg’s character designs shop! :sparkling_heart:
I help people create outfits and characters for their stories, and I will now be open to requests!

We try and fulfill them as fast and efficiently as we can!
If it doesn’t get created how you wanted it, please tell us and it can get altered :wink:

Credits are not required, but are greatly appreciated!:revolving_hearts:
Examples are below! Me and @PrincessAnu can create all genders!

@PrincessAnu Character and Outfit maker :sparkling_heart:
@Megs_alt Character and Outfit maker :sparkling_heart:

My examples!

@PrincessAnu's examples

Outfit form

Who would you like to make the outfits?
What type of outfit are u looking for?
Ink or LL?
How many do you want?
Character Details(If any)
Password (blur the password) -

Character Card form

Who do you want to request for?
How many cards?
INK or LL?
Character Deets:
Background (if any)
Password(blur the password)-

Password: Meg’s designs
Make sure to include the password or else I will have to ask you to re-submit this form! Please make sure to blur the password also!

@PrincessAnu waiting list

@Megs_alt waiting list

@PrincessAnu completed list

@Megs_alt completed list


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If you can, I would like 2 guys and 1 girl to feature in a minigame of an ongoing story I’m working on (LL)
I don’t have a certain due date, per se, but if you could get it done within say 1-2 weeks it would be much appreciated:)
Someone can be dark-toned with afro-textured hair, another one with curly hair and fair skin, and a medium-toned character with blue eyes and black or brown hair.
I would like all three characters to have a “ballroom” outfit. Kind of fancy, sparkly, etc.
thank you!
Password: Meg’s designs

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Hiya @EpiCrazyKat! I can start that now for you, if i need any more info i will let you know! Thank you for choosing my shop. :sparkling_heart:

Would you like me to create the characters looks, or have you already done that?

No I have not, you can choose their looks, just please include what I mentioned above, it can be for any of the characters
Thank you :heart:

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For BGMAN1, does he look okay? Ignore for now what he is wearing! Let me know if you want me to change anything!

So, a fair skinned male and female with also a mixed race male?

He looks great! It doesn’t matter who is fair skinned, I just need the fair skinned person to have curly/wavy hair, and the medium toned person to have blue eyes.

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Oh, so you only want the outfits? Does it not matter what they look like as in hair etc?

No it does, I meant it doesn’t matter who is light, medium or dark toned(as in the gender)
I just want whoever has medium colored skin to have blue eyes, and the fair skinned person to have curly/wavy hair
Does that make sense-

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Yep! So, i have done the fair skinned and curly hair as the girl, mixed race as one of the men. What color skin for the last male?

About the same skin tone as the first man you showed me, a little lighter and with blue eyes:)

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Male 1

Hope you like them! If you want me to change anything, please let me know!

Male 2


I love them, thank you so much!

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No worries hun!