Meg's Gem Giveaway ๐Ÿ’Ž

Iโ€™m hosting a gem giveaway for authors! Enter for the chance to win 100 gems spent on your story! :purple_heart:
The easiest way to enter is by following my Instagram @meg.writes.epi and going to my latest post, but you can reply on here to enter if you donโ€™t have Instagram.
Scroll down to see how to get extra entries! :hugs:

Extra entries:
You can earn extra entries by reading my story Learning To Let Go. Please see my story information
below. Take at least one screenshot per episode, however screenshots of the beginning cover and start menu wonโ€™t count because of the skip episode option. I am up for r4rโ€™s, but it would take me some time because Iโ€™m currently doing three others. If weโ€™ve already done a r4r, please message me.
One extra entry for reading Episodes 1-3
Two extra entries for reading Episodes 4-6
Three extra entries for reading Episodes 7-10

Title: Learning to Let Go

Trailer: Learning to Let Go: Episode Teaser Trailer - YouTube
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Description: This story follows two sisters dealing with the aftermath of a devastating car accident that claims one parentโ€™s life and leaves the other in jeopardy. Play as the older sister Brooke as she comes back to her estranged home and tries to patch things up with her sister Lilly and her ex and figure out if the car accident was really an accident.
Chapters: 1-10 and more coming soon

  • Full CC for MC and LI and family members
  • Advanced directing
  • Dog customization
  • Choices
  • Points system

Link: Episode Writer Portal


Hi! I donโ€™t have IG but would love to enter the contest! My story name is: In Apnoea. You are so kind to be doing this for authors :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

Lmk if you need other info

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Thank you for entering! Please message me if you read my story and want multiple entries for the giveaway :blush:

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Sure! What does that mean??

From my original post :blush:

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Thanks! More entries mean that if letโ€™s say 50 people participate and I have one extra entry, my name is on the list twice??

Yes thatโ€™s what that means :blush: