Mehek's Cover/Quote Art/Thread Banner/Splash Thread [CLOSED TO CATCH UP]

Hey y’all!

I really want to play around with Canva, so I decided to open a lil request shop for small covers, quote arts, thread banners, and splashes! I can’t do large covers (yet?) nor can I do covers/splashes with characters (yet?) but I can do them in a slightly more ‘professional’ style which I have examples of below…

I am completely fine with you requesting at other art shops as this is a place for me to be able to experiment and I understand dissatisfaction with art. However, if other threads ask that you not request their art if you won’t use it, then please make sure you prioritize using something they make over something I make (though I personally am willing to make things people won’t use).

Here are my examples-

Small Covers




Quote Arts

Thread Banners

They’re for the tops of your forum threads to give them a little extra flair. You can see this thread for how they look in use.

Please ask for permission before using any of my examples for personal use- I’m fine with some of them being used, but not others. I’m fine with being asked to do something faster or for an estimate of when it’ll be ready or for any redos/changes, but don’t be rude about it. If something’s the wrong size, which happens from time to time, tell me and I’ll fix it for you. I don’t need to be credited, but if you want to, please credit avid_memer on Wattpad.

DISCLAIMER: To the best of my knowledge, all images I use in my work are available under Creative Commons copyright. I will not be doing requests in the order I receive them, but rather by urgency.

Request forms-

Small Cover Request Form

Forums Username:
Story Title:
Story Description:
Author Name (if you want it on the cover):
Do you want me to attempt a large cover with it? I can give it a try, but I can’t guarantee it’ll turn out as well as a small cover will:
Anything else?:

Splash Request Form

Forums Username:
What do you want the splash to say?:
Mood (happy, sad, dark, light, bright, etc.):
Anything else?:

Quote Art Request Form

Forums Username:
Quote you want:
Who said it (if you want it on the art):
Mood (happy, sad, dark, light, bright, etc.):
Anything else?:

Thread Banner Request Form

Forums Username:
Thread Title:
Anything else you want it to say:

Uh I think that’s all I have to say. You’ll receive it as fast as I can make it :v:. Please request y’all?

LIST OF THINGS TO DO (for Mehek’s purposes):


  • After Passion cover art
  • Wingsoffire quote art


  • Episode Studio Here to Help Thread Banner
  • Episode Studio Magazine Thread Banner
  • Leave a fanmail splash (diva) (separate thread)
  • S.Dsana quote arts
  • Pxlope’s mature themes splash
  • graciebear20’s cover art
  • Fallen’s quote art
  • S.Dsana’s cover art
  • Thread banner for this thread
  • Once’s Golden Threads Cover
  • Rose Cover
  • Leslie Loo’s quote art
  • Leslie Loo cover art
  • Cover in PMs


Episode studio here to help

take your time

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Sorry- I’m a bit confused on what you mean by this- could you clarify?

EDIT: Oh nevermind- I think I get it, is this a request form for a Thread Banner? If so, I’m on it ^-^


Ooh I like.


Thanks River ^-^!


Of course! Maybe I could request? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


you should

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Anytime you need anything ^-^

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Hehe can I have a banner?

Sure- just fill out the form :slight_smile:

Can I request two Quote ones???

Sure! Just fill out the forms for them.

@Dangrousdiva your thread banner is ready! I wasn’t sure what color scheme you were going for, so I have three different versions of it, all below. Let me know if you’d like any changes or a redo :slight_smile:



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Thank you so much

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I thought I’d share this cover I made for a personal project- it’s not my favorite cover, but it’s something a bit different from ones I’ve done before and I thought the end result was kinda interesting. Also I’m still in awe that I got such an awesome background pic that’s on a creative commons license- literally my biggest win all day XD

Now fingers crossed I can finish off the story to go with it.

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Can I get a splash?

Sure- just fill out the form for it!

@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE or @ChayChay or @Dangrousdiva
Episode Studio Magazine!
Daily stories! Interviews! Different members featured each day!
I need it by next MONDAY the 21st of May in Central time zone


@EpisodeGirl @S.Dsana @PxlopeEpisode do you still need the banner/splash/splash? If so, make sure you fill out the forms under hidden details at the top of this thread :slight_smile: