Melanated Authors are HIRING!

Are you a black person or non-black person of color looking to join a group that is a space for you? Well, you are in for a treat because we now hiring. We call ourselves the Melanin Squad. We strongly believe in representation for all BLPOC and non-black POC. Our goal is to make all people of color feel welcomed, supported, and recognized because we aren’t really accepted in this community. If you’re interested in being a part of our group, Fill out our Application! We do story reviews, history + cultural lessons, monthly spotlight interviews on black people and other people of color, monthly historical figure teachings, new art releases and outfit of the week. If any of those positions interest you, you are more than welcome to apply.

Story Review Position:
You must willing to consistently review stories, and do the best you can. You have to be able to give constructive criticism in certain areas in a story when needed. You also have to be able to be descriptive and use words that best fits when explaining things.

History + Cultural Lessons Teacher:
You must be able to provide lessons on black people or other people of color’s history and culture on a monthly basis. English proficiency is is a must! You must be able to do extensive research on a specific topic (whether it’s history or culture) that you are teaching about. Also, you must be willing to put in some time for this.

Spotlight Interviewer:
You will be interviewing black or other people of color that are authors in this community on a monthly basis. You must be able to find and “scout” out authors of color within this community. It is preferred that you have a level of boldness to reach out to those authors and ask if they’d like to be interviewed.

Historical Figure Teacher:
Research an important historical figure or Civil Rights activist so to speak who has paved the way for change. You are to be able to do this on a monthly basis. It does not matter what race, ethnicity or culture they belong to as long as they’re a person of color. You have the freedom to choose a historical figure you’d like to teach on or talk about.

New Art Release and OOTW:
These two positions are a bit miscellaneous. If you are very good at editing and things of that nature, then these positions will be fairly easy for you. You must be able to do edits for new art releases and outfit of the week each week.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to @melanated.authors on Instagram.
Important Note: We are not a traditional episode group so we don’t do any art requests are things of that nature. We are more of an informative group.


Can you elaborate on not being accepted in the episode community?

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I meant to say receptive.

Oh OK! I think this is a great idea, just wasn’t sure what you meant :sweat_smile:




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