Melaniey and Riley’s Art Shop

Hello! Me and @rileyy have formed an art shop! I’ve opened ones in the past, but never really finished them… but I’m doing a holiday workshop lmao. Anyways, here are some things you need to know!

Rules! You must follow these or you’re request will not go through.

  • No Drama. Keep this topic, on topic. And no drama, We really do hate it.

  • Give Credit. If I see you using our art without credit we’ll report you.

  • Be Patient. It takes time to make art, so no rushing!

  • Be specific Make sure to include everything in your request! Because if not we’ll have to restart!

  • Request Properly if you don’t know how to request properly @AMagic has a topic on how to properly request! :see_no_evil:

Riley will be able to make;

  • Covers (Drawn)
  • Art Scenes (Drawn)
  • Outlines

Melaniey will be able to do;

  • Covers (Drawn & Edited)
  • Splashes (Edited)
  • Outlines
  • Character Detail Sheets (Edited)

P.S. Mel will only be using IBISPAINT X! NO procreate!

Credit is required!

@epys.riley on instagram or @rileyy

@mel.epys on instagram


Thank you! Happy requesting!



Melaniey is inactive!


I really like your art!!
Artist: @MelanieyM

  • Small Cover pls
  • Style: LL, Drawn pls
  • Number of characters: 1 (and so 3-4 background characters blurred)
Character Details
  • Character Details:
    Bodycolor: Neutral 03
    Brow: Arched Natural, Color: Jet Black
    Hair: Long Featured, Color: Dark Black
    Face: Diamond
    Eyes: Generic, Color: Pale Brown
    Lips: Full Round Flat top skin, Color: Deep Pink Matte
    Nose: Defined Natural
  • Character Clothing:



  • Background: I don‘t have something specific but maybe something in school behind them or something like that.


  • Pose:
    She should look forward very confidently and keep her one hand under her head.
    Also behind her should be some people on the left who are blurred (also the people should be angry at her) and she should be in the front on the right side.

Extras: from the hip on she should be front of the cover, and a small Cover pls, she have a piercing on her nose

  • Text: The title is „Without you all“ pls a beautiful Font
    Author: Samantha79


The MC loses all her friends and becomes the typical bad girl only without friends. Her grades gets worse throughout the story her family won’t support her anymore. But somehow she manages to make herself so well known in the city.

Can you make me a cover without the title and one with the title?

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Request accepted

Artist - @MelanieyM

  • Small and large cover.

  • Style, LL and edited.

  • Number of characters, 2!

Skin tone - Neutral 02
Brow - Arched brow (chestnut brown)
Hair - Over shoulder braid (medium brown)
Eyes - Deepset upturned wide (blue green)
Face - Diamond long
Nose - Defined natural
Mouth - Full heart pouty (pink peach medium gloss)

Skin tone - Copper 03
Brow - Furrowed straight s (black dark)
Hair - Medium side curls (black dark)
Eyes - Narrow almond deep smiling (green emerald)
Face - Chiseled square stubble shaved
Nose - Straight flat
Mouth - Medium heart (rose light nude matte)

Background - I can’t find a diner background on episode but maybe you could use one of the resturants with a booth.

Pose - (If pose is too difficult, I could change it)

Text - I’m looking for a retro font that goes with the diner theme. The title of the story is Order Up!

Description - MC is living a normal life working in her family diner that is until city boy Harley show’s up and turns her life upside down.

Request completed!

Please Credit: @mel.epys on instagram for the cover!

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Thank you so much. It‘s very beautiful!!!

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No problem!!

Hey, I love your art! I have a request for a drawn cover.

  • Cara
    Gold 04
    Bushy Thick (Copper Red)
    Long Down Wavy Princess Braid (Copper Red)
    Female Generic (Brown Dark)
    Heart Defined
    Round Button
    Full Wide (Dark Apricot Matte)
  • West
    Neutral 03
    Male Generic (Deep Brown)
    Medium Messy Fluffy Parted (Platinum Ice)
    Deepset Heavy Lid (Blue Deep)
    Diamond Soft
    Straight Pointed
    Medium Heart (Pink Beige Matte)
  • Gwen
    Gold 02
    Arched Soft (Light Brown)
    Long Feathered (Blonde Medium)
    Monolid Slender (Green Emerald)
    Grecian Soft
    Heart Shaped Pout (Peach Gloss)
  • Cara
    Daisy Chain Floral Yellow
    Clear Heel High Heels Plastic Gold
    V Neck Mid Tied Sleeves Double Tiered Dress Cotton Yellow Saffron
  • West
    Baggy Jeans Simple Belt Denim Grey Light Cool
    Slip On Canvas Beige Yellow
    Open Top Hoodie Pattern White Green
  • Gwen
    Thin Heart Earrings Metal Purple
    Multiple Strap Open Toed High Heels Leather Blue
    Off Shoulder Three Piece Cut Dress Cotton Blue Pink Tie Dye
Character Placement
  • Cara at the left
    layer 0
  • West at the right
    layer 0
  • Gwen at the centre
    layer -1
  • Cara
  • West
  • Gwen
    zone 2

ARTIST: @MelanieyM

𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓀 𝒴𝑜𝓊 ~

Hello sorry! I’m currently not accepting more than one request at a time! You can ask Riley or wait!

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Oh, okay!
I can wait.

If you want I have no requests, So I can work on it?

Ahh I can do it, just I’m not good at males

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You could even do the cover with the female MC if it’s easier for you :slight_smile:

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can you make it edited
Which cover(s) I’d like : Small (Large Cover to if you can!)
Character details and outfits I’d like them to be wearing:
Skin - Gold 01
Brows : Arched Natural Scar (black dark)
Hair : Long Wavy Parted Hair (Light Brown)
Eyes : Round Medium (Blue green)
Face : Heart Soft
Nose : Round Button
Mouth : Full Heart Pouty (pink beige gloss)
Outfit : Vintage Halter Cotton Yellow Canary, Pleated Small Belted Waist High Skirt Cottongrey Black,Strapped Accented Watch Face Metal Gold, Checkered Slip On Shoes Cotton Grey Black
,Cross Necklace Metal Silver.

Skin - Copper 00
Brows : Round Medium (Light Brown)
Hair : Medium Side Curls (Medium Brown)
Eyes : Male Deep Sunken (ice blue)
Face : Triangle Defined Chin Pointed Ear Skin
Nose : Grecian Narrow
Mouth : Medium Heart(Rose light gloss)
Outfit : Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black,Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey True,Chunky Sneakers Leather Black

Story title and author name : Just a teen thing,Lilly
Vibe of the cover/story genre : Romantic, Exciting,strange
Background you want to be used: i don’t have one but you can chose whatever you think would be good
Basics of the Small Cover : For the small cover, I would like Rosie and Jake looking foreword and smiling and rosie looking shy.
Basics of the Large Cover : I would like Rosie and Jack to both be on this cover. Facing each other Jack should be staring at Rosie in an happy way, and jake should be shy and confused


This is my edited shop!

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Ok! What pose would you like then?

Something similar to this!

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Which artist do you want to do it?

i think melaniey is doing it :heart:

It’s edited… and I have my own edited art shop- so she requested there