MelanieyM’s Guide To: Buying Clothes Sustainable

Hello Episodians, Aliens, Humans, and Animals! I’m here to share my knowledge on buying sustainable.

Now what is sustainable?
Sustainable is the ability to be able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

But what are ways you can be sustainable when shopping for clothes?

  • Buy 2nd hand. Not only is this good for your wallet, but also the environment! Major clothing companies are some reasons why global warming is even a thing! Buying second hand is cheaper, has a story, and also less material is needed to create this since it’s second hand! My family donates children’s clothes all the time and clothes that are to small to fit me also get donated/ passed down to my little sisters.

Now say you can’t buy second hand since you didn’t find anything… here some ways you can still be sustainable but 1st hand!

  • Picture Yourself. Can you see yourself wearing this shirt, skirt, or whatever, often? If not and it’s a one time thing, maybe think again of what you’re buying. Currently all of my older clothes I’ve worn them over 10 times already!

  • Buy Clothes that match! There is nothing worse then your cute new handbag doesn’t match with your favorite riped jeans! So always be sure that what you’re buying matches with your closet! Then there is no need to buy another handbag to match with those cute jeans you got on sale!

  • Don’t buy fast fashion!

Now that’s all I have for today! Be sure to check out more Guides and always feel free to list ways you buy sustainable!



Very helpful, thanks Melaniey!

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I think you’re forgetting the most important thing: don’t buy into the Fast Fashion industry. Skip the $10 polyester dresses made with cheap chinese labour and buy things that will last. BooHoo, Pretty Little Thing, Forever 21, H&M, Missguided are all fast fashion, and what you buy from them will probably end up in landfill.

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