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Closed! Anyone who has had a request has been canceled and any further replies will not be accepted! I find doing things… such as art for others boring to me, which makes me LOSE interest in even making art…


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[/Details of Person(people): INK
Name: Symphony
Face shape: Soft heart
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full Round- Raven
Brow: Bushy Arch
Skin tone: Light

Tittle: Blood Lines: A New Age
Author: AlyssaThePretzel
Small or Large?:
Extra Info?: Make it soft.

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Hello! Thank you for requesting, but question… what would ‘soft’ mean? And would the small and large be the same or completely different? I also need to know her; hair, eyes, and eyebrows (Bushy Arch doesn’t exists…)

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Small and large mean a smaller version snd a larger versoin. But dont worry about it!

Hair: Beach Wavy - Light Blue
Eyes- Upturned feline - Blue
Eyebrows- Seductive arch

“tHeSe arEn’t tHe bEst”

These are actually amazing so yeah…just wanted to say that…don’t really have anything to request as yet :sweat_smile: (sorry for disrupting the thread, I’ll go now :joy:)

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Lol thank you :blush:

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What would you like her to wear?

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You’re welcome :grin:

Hi! I would like to request an art cover for my story.
Here is the info of my characters (i have 2):
Details of Person(people)- LIMELIGHT
Name: Rachel
Skin Tone- Rose 03
Brow- Arched Thin
Hair- Bouffant Long Wavy…Color- Chestnut Brown
Eye- Female Generic…Color-hazel dark
Face- Diamond shape
Nose- Defined Natural
Lips- Full Hearty Pouty … Color- Pink Beige Gloss

Male Character:
Name- Lawrence
Skin Tone- Rose 02
Brow- Male Generic
Hair- Wavy Taper …Color- Black
Eyes- Deepset Heavy Lid…Color- brown dark
face- diamond soft
Nose shape- straight pointed
Lips- Medium heart…Color- Fair rose matte

Title- Chances of Loving Me
Author- (on the cover name it as ‘By: Shronus’)
Background- i don’t have preference with backgrounds but something similar to this:
Faces/Pose- I don’t have a definite pose but i have a description of what it can look like: It can kinda be like the female character is on the right and the male on the left, and in the middle could be like a big heart with a question mark in it. sort of like that. if don’t know what i mean u can ask me to clarify. the female character is sort of like pointing to the heart and the male is on the other side doing the same pointing. the female is kinda nervous so u can choose a pose that shows her nervousness and for the guy he’s confident i guess have him wink or something lol
Small or Large? Doesn’t matter but preferably small?
Extra Info? Nope i think i listed most of the things. But for clothes, u can choose anything you would like for the characters to wear bc i don’t have a preference

Thanks so much! If you need to ask me questions message me:)

Do u do LL?

Closed by OP request. :smiley: