Members Only Chat Room!


This is a chat room (thread) where we can chat, mostly about anything!

It says “Members Only”, but anyone can join!
Just provide your:
Name on the forums:
Favorite thing to do on the forums:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Band/Songwriter:
Favorite Animal:
Pet Peeve:

Then, chat away!
Post funny gifs, silly memes, links to you tube videos, or how you’re feeling. You can post anything! :slight_smile:

P.S. This thread is supposed to help us get to know each other better, but if it hurts or offends anyone, I would be happy to take it down


Tagging all members I can remember : @PurpleRose @Infinite

That’s it, sorry. :frowning:


I’m am zee first poster! Mwahahahaha!


Lol! :wink: Second!

Fill out the form to post!




Meme for y’all:


But, but… I already did it on the old forums!


Name on the forums: EpisodeGirl
Favorite thing to do on the forums: Roleplay
Favorite Color: Hot Pink
Favorite Band/Songwriter: Can’t say right now.
Favorite Animal: Narwhal and dogs!
Pet Peeve: Copycats
Birthday*: June 2


Must post here, sorry! :frowning:


LMBO that is me


Name on the forums: PurpleRose
Favorite thing to do on the forums: Play games and talk to everyone
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Band/Songwriter: Katy Perry
Favorite Animal: Bunny
Pet Peeve: When I’m trying to do my work at school but my class won’t stay quiet…


Ooh! I like Bunnies and Katy Perry! Welcome!


Thanks :smiley:


Totally! Whatcha up to?


Which old forum game do you think I should transfer on here?


one of my edits!


Hmmm…What are the options?


Being on the forums when I’m supposed to be doing my homework. XD





Oh shoot. When will I learn.


Name on the forums: Kittenlove
Favorite thing to do on the forums: RP
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Band/Songwriter: Don’t have one
Favorite Animal: Dog (jk, it’s cat)
Pet Peeve: when people call titans gods.
Birthday*: August 26