Members, which keep ghosting

Hey guys,

since none of the Admins do anything against ghosting; I decided to create an own topic about that.

We should tell each other about people which keep ghosting or ignoring us.
I just can’t tolerate such behavior; they are playing unfair.
We did our part of the job; why do they think it’s all right to don’t do their part as well?
I am so angry about a few people; some of them even ignore my messages. What’s wrong with this part of the community?
In my opinion they should be banned from the forum and, also banned from READ4READs.
But, since I know that this will never happen, I decided to create this topic.
Maybe we can at least tell each other about members you should’nt start a READ4READ!

Wow your feelings are strong i can tell :sweat_smile:

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This happened to me so many times, ugh. Many of them didn’t read my story back lol. I deleted them from DM because I have no time for people who back out of their word. Some part of me thinks “WHY SAY YOU DO THIS WHEN YOU CAN’T DO IT?” Grr, I’ve been left on read, ignored, and blocked because of this (mostly on Instagram compared to the Forums). Someone even told me they don’t go on Episode anymore after I read their story-I was very upset. And then I see some people doing read 4 reads with other people, it’s been months and they never responded back. It’s frustrating. But that’s life for you, many people want reads and if that means scamming others, then they’ll do it. I don’t know how they sleep at night, I couldn’t sleep, I’d toss and turn a lot knowing I hurt someone and lowered their trust when it came to read for reads.

Feel free to rant at the ranting thread ^^

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Heeeeeey MayLaugh,

Just wanted to share some awesome news with you :smiley: . We officially only have one flag left in the forums queue :partying_face: . “Why is this good news and what does it have to do with the problem I am addressing?”, you might ask :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Well it means that every single user that has been “ghosting” that was flagged by the community has already been dealt with :muscle:. Please make sure to continue flagging any posts that violate the forum rules and we will continue to keep the forums a pleasant, fun and safe place for our excellent community! If you have any specific questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to private message @Sydney_H or myself as we are more than happy to help asap. Thanks! :smile:


Wow, I want to say I can’t imagine people doing this but I’ve seen it a ton myself. I thought that I might’ve accidentally done this once because I used to read a lot of R4R stories, then I remembered that I don’t currently have a story that I want to share…

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Moved to Episode Fan Community since Community is for discussion of specific stories. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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