Memorial Day Edit Contest!



Hello all Episodians. This is YOUR chance to showcase your editing skills in the brand new Memorial Day Edit Contest! All edits must have something to do with Memorial day and are due on May 28th 2018.

If you have any further questions, PM either ME or @_Life


For the first place winner, you will get:
to be a part of an awesome group
an edit of their own
and be part of a great friend chit-chat group!

For the second place winner, you will get:
your very own edit
and be a part of a great friend chit-chat group!

Third place winner will get:
Their very own edit!

_emphasized text_DO NOT POST YOUR EDIT ON HERE, PM IT TO EITHER Me, OR @NatAttac_101 OR @_Life

finally, fill out this form




Entering :hugs:


yay, I’m so glad!


entering now :blush:


Just entered :blush:


Awesome! Did you on the edit yet?


remember to PM us your edit.


Working on my edit :blush:!


yay! Super excited!








How many times can we enter?


This is still going, right?


@ryan @jeremy please close.

G, he other person went AWOL and also we didn’t have enough entries.