❤ Memories: Our First Post ❤

Topic created because I’m strange :alien: :laughing:

It would be so cool to know what our very first post on the forums was, if you know yours, you can respond below or if you want me to locate it, can let me know and I’ll try to find your earliest one, shouldn’t take long (and hopefully I’m right) :wink: Feel free to bookmark it :heart: :two_hearts:

I’ll start:


Oh my god was I just being script dumb this didnt age well :joy:

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I can’t barely remember my first month here :skull: It’d take forever to find it.

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First few in order of time :sunglasses:

@LemonProductions that’s ok i cringe at old posts too sometimes :joy:


Thanks for finding these :sparkles: All of the photos are such terrible quality :joy:


I can’t even remember my first post, goodness I was so dumb and didn’t even know what the heck to do on the forums. XDDDD

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Could be this one:

And u are super smart :yay:


:0 how?!

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My first post would have been on the old forums and probably me promoting my trashyfirst story on a read-for-read post, but my first post on these forums:

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Hi. I don’t really know how to start a topic because I don’t have the “start a topic” button.

Hello, this should help:
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