Memorize a string of text without an input box

Hi there! I am a returning writer from years ago so I’ve forgotten quite a few things and my memory would appreciate refreshing a bit.

Is there a way to create a string of text without an input? Something like

string CITY = "New York"

so when I write something like “I live in [CITY]”, it spells out “I live in New York”.

The idea is to put several of these under a button at the start, so this choice will impact quite a few things later on. This would be rather compact way to code.

Character customization and name choosing with an input comes after.

if you do not want to use input than you can use gains to remember the choices

Where do you live?
choice “New York” {
gain NY
} “London” {
} “Prague” {

And then when ever later in story you will need to use the choices you will make if/elif/else:

if (NY) {
Hi I am from New York!
} elif(LONDON) {
Hi I am from London!
}else {
Hi I am from Prague!

Alternatively, you can just name the choice.

What city do you live in?

choice (CITY)
“New York” continue
“Los Angeles” continue
“Portland” continue

I live in [CITY].

OK this I see for first time. :smiley:
:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Thank you, all. I’ll get to work. :smiley:

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