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Hello lovely people :slight_smile:

For my story, I am planning to involve a little memory mini game where I add an overlay of a scroll with some writing on it on how to to do a certain process to do with nature and flowers and studying them.

Basically, I want the reader to memorise it (not a lot) and then create a mini game with coding where they have to choose the right order and the right process in order to get it correct, but I am stuck on the coding and how to go about the mini game, where to include hints and so on.

I would appreciate it greatly if anyone was willing to help out with the coding! Thank you, please get back to me asap .


Ok so are you thinking like on the scroll it would say something like
Step 1 Take a soil sample and test for pests
Step 2 if soil comes back clean take a small sample from the leaf of the plant
Step 3 …

And then go on for the character to say
“What was the first step?”
Soil sample
Leaf sample
Flower sample

Something like this?

Okay so this is the scroll they will be shown. The bits in red are the bits that they will really only have to memorise, everything’s in the right order :slight_smile: I think I’d like choices because it’s hard to get tappable overlays at the minute for this.

The choices- just brief them (literally just write what’s in the red for them I think) and then I’d also need to include some wrong choices obviously so that they have like three to pick from and if they get it wrong I think just go pop up a header saying wrong choice with a false buzzer sounds. Then I think they should get like two chances to do it and if not then just say the answer for that choice for them and move onto the next one. If that’s too difficult lmk! I hope this makes sense.

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Ok so for the actions of the character are you going to use the tinkering animation or have you got overlays for this?
So let’s say the character is in the lab/green house (where ever)

The read the scroll and then are faces with the choice:

Character: What did I need to do first?

“peel the calyx”
“Squeeze the tips”

I can actually only see 2 steps so would you add in something like
“How far do I need to strip them?”
I’m sorry if I’ve miss understood :joy:

I am intrigued what plant are they analysing

I’d say make all the bits in the red choices as it’s not really steps as much, because it’s more so just knowing about the study of flowers !

SO I’d say the first choice would be

What do I do first?

then the choices would be

“Peel apart the calyx”
and the other two choices would be wrong like

“peel apart (and then here just a different part of the flower that is not right)”

then so on for the rest of the red bits :slight_smile:

I am sorry, im not too good at explaining things so easy! just lmk if you are confused

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Ohhh I think I get it :slight_smile: how many rounds of choices are they doing?

So 9 I guess since there are 9 red parts!

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Ok so 9 rounds… I’m not sure if there is enough directions for 9 rounds as some is just information but I’ll try :slight_smile: I want to make sure I’ve got it right before trying anything out :joy:

Round 1

What do I do first

Peel the Calyx
Peel the Androecium
peel the gynoecium

Round 2

What do I need to peel next?

Peel the gynoecium
Peel the corolla
Peel the androecium

Round 3

What Is the gynoecium?

The female reproductive system
The Male reproductive system
The petals

Round 4
What is the androecium

The Petals
The female reproductive system
The male reproductive system

Round 5
What do I need to do next?

Squeeze the tips of the androecium
Squeeze the tips of the gynoecium
Squeeze the tips of the petals

Round 6
How should I squeeze them

Using the thumb and the forefinger
Using a fist
Using the nails

I not sure what other questions you could ask

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Thank you so much for this lovely!

No problem does the above sound like what you would want?

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