Mena's Commissions are Open!

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since I posted here but since I lost my main account I thought about promoting my new art account!
You can find me on Instragram as @artsbymena .
I have opened my commissions!

How to commission?
Please send me your reference, a background reference, clothing, any details you would like to add, characters and finally please let me know if this is for art scene, cover, instagram post etc! :slight_smile:

**After you place your commission, what can you expect
-Payment is done after sketch.
-I’ll send it over in 2-3 days and the final completed piece art can be up to 2 weeks.
-I’ll send different versions with lightings, the original art and the PNG.
-After it’s done I’ll upload it to my Google Drive where you can use download it with the link I’ll give you, unless you prefer email then we can do that as well.

I take payment over paypal and Kofi!
Today (March 8th) I’ll be hosting a PFP giveaway as well.
PM here or instagram!

Thank you! I’ll leave some examples and the prices below:
Regular Art:
-2 characters Bust & up $21
-2 characters Waist & up $26
-2 characters Knees & up $31
-2 characters Full body $36
1 character is half price. :slight_smile: