Mental disorders?

This is gonna sound really weird but I think they should have animations for like, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD etc etc. It would make it easier to write stories about people with these issues and as someone with depression I love writing stories about a girl or guy who gets over their depression. The sad animations aren’t the same as real depression

I get what you’re saying but most of these illnesses you have mentioned are what you would call “hidden illnesses”. I won’t talk about ones I have not experienced myself because I feel I can’t give an accurate description without fault. So I will talk about only depression and anxiety. Both depression and anxiety can be classified as “hidden illnesses”, unlike most people believe, it is not something you can easily point out. It affects everyone differently and there’s generally no obvious sign that someone has it on the outside. While yes, anxiety and depression can create physical symptoms such as weight loss, headaches, stomach or muscle pain, insomnia, etc. It does not necessarily mean you will experience these symptoms. While depressed, you can still smile. Anxiety is not just biting nails and bouncing your leg (although this is a release for some people and is completely valid). It is not physically visible.
I don’t know if you’ve had experience with these illnesses as well and I see what you’re asking, however I genuinely don’t think it’s necessary and you can portray mental illness accurately with the animations already there.


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