Mental health awareness

It’s nearly may, and it’s mental health awareness month/ week
I have based my story around it and was wondering does anybody have a stories which relate to mental health?, I would really like one of the competition based on it to help bring awareness.


I could give u stories on it x3 The key is finding ones that are done well.

Where the MC(or whoever) isnt mean and blames the illness.

Or love curing the illness.

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a silent voice. a pretty good story about an mc who cant talk and has autism ( and gay option)


Thanks guys I look for it now

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He Can’t Tame Me by Meila Summers does a good job of talking about mental illness.


Do you want story ideas or stories that are published?

I have my own story already that based around mental health awareness, so more stories that are published would be great x

Cool. I have one. It’s called MC: The Bar on 23rd and the main character has social anxiety.

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