Mental Health Campaign

Episode 8 of my story has been posted and if you read it, you’ll know that one of the characters had a bit of a difficult moment.

Since my story: Second Chance is about struggling with mental health, I thought I’d start a campaign on instagram called “Don’t Bottle it, Write it”, for those who struggle to talk about their emotions.

Today’s episode highlights the dangers of bottling up your emotions and what it can lead to.

The story was inspired by my struggles of depression and suicide and since I struggle to talk about it, I found out that I can turn my feelings into a story. Write a journal, write a story, write a poem, a song, anything.

Use the hashtag #DontBottleItWriteIt and tag me; @josiej8 along with your creative writing.

Also if you’re an author, if you want, you can add the hashtag #DontBottleItWriteIt at the end of each episode of your story with the caption; Tackling Mental Health One Story at a Time. I’ve had quite a few people in my PMs talking about their experiences and I thought this might be a good idea to spread awareness and cut the stigma.

I’ll design a background template for those who wanna take part x

Let’s all tackle mental health together.


This is such a positive and beautiful thing you’re doing!

Thank you, means a lot x

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