Mental Health - Debunking the Myths (TW)

Mental Health - Debunking the myths. (TW)
Mental Health is no joke, nor is it bad, false, attention seeking or weird.
Yet why do we treat it as such?
Depression, anxiety. Some of the most well known mental health issues.
But we are not here to talk about them. We are here to talk about some of the lesser known mental health issues.
OCD - Obsessive Compolsive Disorder
When you read that what comes into your head?
“OCD, that’s just lining up pencils.”
Wrong, OCD can lead to death at it’s worse. It is ranked 2nd worst mental illness of all time. When I was admitted into a mental institute for it they said another couple of weeks and I would have died. OCD is an anxiety disorder that includes compulsive rituals. e.g. Not able to wash or shower. Breathing in so much you pass out. Washing for hours at a time… etc. Having irrational thoughts that lead to compolsive rituals every second of a day. Imagine laying in bed at night worring for hours and hours if you locked the door, or if you turned the oven off. And as soon as you check another thought comes into your head. Luckily OCD can be treated with EMP (Exposure Response Prevention).
Phycosis - Phycopathy (Phycopaths)
Many people misunderstand Phycosis for being a serial killer or a mad man with no feelings. Actually Phycosis is a chronic mental disorder that can sometimes lead to abnormal, violent or aggresive behaviour. When being have a phcotic episode which is normally what leads to those abnormal behaviours they don’t know what is happening (almost like a stroke) all of it is unintentional and believe me they don’t want to do it. Phycosis can be treated by medication and therapy although there is no definate improval.
Bipolar Disorder
Although bipolar is fairly understood some of it is not.
Many people think bipolar disorder is intense mood swings. Some of that is true. Bipolar disorder involves series of depression and mania.
You will often think during a manic episode people enjoy it, well that is not the case. Although a ‘manic episode’ is sterotyped as happiness, it just involves high amounts of energy and extremely active. Many people find these episodes scary and intense. It can be treated by medication.

Suicidal/Self Harm
A lot of people think mistake suicidal feelings as just urges to sometimes sink into the ground and disappear. Suicidal feellings are thoughts about actually ending your life or planning to, even acting on those thoughts. After being in hospital for self harm and suicide I learnt that these thoughts are unwanted and are part of a disorder not a personality, lots of people think that feeling suicidal and self harming are just attention seeking behaviours. In fact it is far from that, sometimes people feel suicidale from too much attention or self harm to show they are not comfortable with the amount of attention they are getting. Self harm is often a relief from emotions and can sometimes lead to feelings of numbness which is what a lot of people want. When people self harm they are not doing it to get attention they are doing it to punish themselves, relief from mental pain or just to feel a shocking pain and a distrantion.
Self harm and suicidal feelings can get better with time and medication.

There are many misunderstood mental disorders and these are just some of them.
Mental Illnesess are not someting to be ashamed about and they more you speak up about it they more people understand.

Follow this link to a charity that grants wishes for people with serious mental health issues…

Thank you for reading this far…
There is still hope.
Comment to share your thoughts n stuff :sweat_smile: :kissing_heart: :blush:


Thanks for this, it has helped me understand a bit more about some of the Mental Health Disorders I plan on using in my stories. Where would you say is the best place to go to learn properly about Mental Disorders and do you notice anything that people get wrong when portraying characters with different Disorders? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your welcome :blush: I guess they always make disorders to the extreme even if it is just a mild case. I suggest unless you want it to be tragic and the character your writing about has a chronic case just keep it on the lowkey. You can find out more about different mental disorders here Hope this helps :sweat_smile::blush::heart:

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Thank you! :blush: I’m writing a story where the main character has Chronic Social Anxiety, but I still need to do a lot of research to make sure it’s portrayed right.

Sure, social anxiety is interesting to write about. Some of the most severe cases can be when characters are unable to speak. It can be treated with medication and therapy the most common therapy for it is EMP (Exposure Response Prevention) which is where you face your fears, so they might be scared of talking to shop assistants (I dunno just an example) so they would have to go out and talk to a shop assistants then rate their anxiety.
You might want to research that, sorry I tend to ramble :sweat_smile:
But that sounds cool, when its published tell me the name and I will read it :blush:

Thanks again! She is home schooled by her Mum, but then the mum gets really sick and has to stay in hospital. The MC can’t afford the house on her own, so she’s either forced to get a job and do online schooling or move in with her mum’s best friend for free but go to a school. She has to face her fears either way, but maybe I could add in the EMP therapy with the therapist trying to ease her into it but then this hits her? I’m not fully sure yet, but now I’m the one rambling :joy: I’ll definitely research it a lot more and thanks for all your help :blush:

Yeah, that sounds amazing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So whats the purpose of this thread? (Not trying to be rude)

Nah it’s fine just so fed up of people just using mental health as an exuse, and then shutting people up when people try to explain what it is. Also someone said something really rude about mental health and I guess I just needed to vent :joy:

Ahh its okay ^^ thanks for explaining

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No problem, it was a bit random. Sorry :sweat_smile:

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