Mental Health Things(Trigger Warning)


No Diagnosing anyone(I am not a therapist either)

We’ll see how long this lasts or of it even gets started in the first place or of it gets shutdown. This is for all people struggling wether you are diagnosed/not diagnosed/questioning/or whatever.
No you are not attention seeking and your problems/struggles matter.
A place for people to talk about their struggles with mental health.
Things you wish people would say or do
Things u wish people would not say
Stigmas tht bother you
Episode cliches that u wish to see or loathe seeing
Advice on how to cope with dark days
Offering support to each other more importantly.
Idk how long this will last tbh


I hate when a story will have a character with a mental illness who falls in love and is suddenly cured, or the plot revolves around “will your love interest ~save you~”. No, that’s not how it works. I have bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and a long history of trauma making it all worse and will have those things for the rest of my life because mental illnesses are chronic. That’s how they work. I also have a wonderful, supportive fiancee. My relationship has helped me cope and even motivated me to work toward healing from some of that trauma because supportive environments tend to have that effect, but I’m! Still! Mentally! Ill! I need a therapist and maybe medication if it gets any worse, not a kiss from my fiancee (I mean, that’s always nice too, but it’s not treatment by any stretch of the imagination). Sometimes my symptoms can even make my relationship more difficult because making things more difficult is kind of what mental illnesses do. Besides, my partner isn’t responsible for my mental health and I’d never expect her to be; that sort of expectation wouldn’t be a healthy basis for a relationship, but it’s how relationships are portrayed in a lot of fiction.
For once, I’d like to see a character with a mental illness whose illness isn’t cured by having a loving partner.

I also hate when people say it’s a choice and give “advice” on how to stop being mentally ill. This “advice” never works. I tried yoga and other forms of exercise and now I’m more flexible than before, but still mentally ill. I tried vegetarianism and now I’m mentally ill but with lower cholesterol. I tried “just going outside and being in nature” and oh wow my anxiety got so much worse. I tried just saying “no” to my mental illnesses and they just replied “haha fuck you” and stuck around anyway. These things might help most people feel better, but they won’t get rid of a mental illness or even do much for symptoms of one.
If you’re going to give someone advice on their mental illness, educate yourself and ask permission first. Don’t be that “hAvE yOu TrIeD yOgA” person.


Thanks for being my 1st (poster?) Forum commenter.
I agree while diet and excercise help its not a cure all.


I wish Bordeline Personality Disorder was accurately portrayed. I haven’t been diagnosed officially with BPD but my document says that I have BPD traits with a question mark next to it…
I also deal with Depression and Psychosis, I still haven’t come to terms with the latter and I’m not sure if I ever will.
I feel like a terrible person as it is but the way it’s portrayed just makes it much worse, feeding into the inaccuracy and stigma.
I also dislike it when people assume that just because you happen to be mentally unwell, that you’re incapable of doing anything without cracking under the pressure. Exposure is very important in my opinion. I need to be able to do things and learn basic life skills like everybody else.
I am a human being first, just like everyone else.
Whenever I am upset for whatever reason, it means that I’m having another episode? I’m entitled to my emotions without it having anything to do with my diagnoses. I always get treated like glass in these types of situations.
There’s a lot more that I dislike but it’d be way too long to read haha.
Awesome question by the way!


Feel free to vent thts what this place is for. Thanks for your reply


I wish I wasn’t jealous of every single person I have a crush on. Did I mention how much I hate morbid jealousy? Also how people don’t consider it harmful. I can literally commit murder under enough anger and pressure. :roll_eyes:


Completely agree with the points you’ve made, I’ve had people tell me to go out for a walk or exercise because I’m only “acting up” because I’m bored apparently. :roll_eyes:


No problem, thanks to you too x


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When being depressed leads to a certain someone calling me “weak-minded”


To who are you reffering?


I’m so glad you made this thread. My week has been pure shit and I want to vent.
Warning: long post ahead.


I struggle with what I guess is considered depression, but I haven’t been professionally diagnosed, mainly because I’m too scared and embarrassed to seek help. Stupid move, I know, but I went through a time in my life where I was in therapy, and I really don’t want to go back. People look at and treat you differently when you’re in therapy, especially for something like depression, ESPECIALLY when you have food in your fridge, running water, and a bed to sleep in. GOD FORBID you feel awful when you “have it better than most people in the world”.
“You have nothing to be depressed about! Get over it! There are people dying, Kim!”
“Maybe you’re just dehydrated?”
“Have you tried spending more time outside? Sunshine is the best medicine!”
You’re telling me that all I’ve been needing to do this whole time is bask in the sun? And that’ll magically erase my problems??? Golly gee, thanks for letting me know!!!

I get so mad at myself sometimes because most of my depression stems from feeling alone. Instead of maybe, I don’t know, going out and making friends and living life, I’d rather stay in my room all day in my bed.
Which is exactly why I feel depressed (for the most part) in the first place. Because I’m alone. While I hate being alone, it’s all I want to be. Then I eventually remember that having friends wouldn’t necessarily change anything because, as everyone knows, depression literally messes with your brain chemistry. So even if I did do something to “better” my life, I would still be depressed. Maybe not as severely, but it would still be there.
Along with the chronic loneliness and numbness comes brain fog, which is a whole other frustration on its own. When I get (mentally) stuffed up, I struggle to form sentences, express myself properly, write, think… you name it. I can’t do anything. And if I can, I barely manage to, and it drains me.

That’s pretty much been my week. Barely any appetite, very little energy, almost no inspiration or motivation to do anything, constant brain fog to the point that I can barely think. It’s gotten a little better, which is good I guess, but I’m still not 100% myself. I know I should probably get help, but like I said, it scares me. Sometimes feel like I’m not “depressed enough” for treatment. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, and I don’t want to take time away from someone who is truly in need of help. Honestly, I’m a little hesitant to even post this for the same reason.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Just because I’m a girl DOESN’T mean that it’s just my hormones. I’ve had people tell me with a straight face that I’m only PMSing and that I only feel the way I do because “girls are more emotional”. Boys deal with depression and mental illness, too, but it’s almost never blamed on their hormones. Why does me being a girl matter?

I hope I’m not coming across as someone looking for pity and attention, because I’m really not. (I also hate that stigma. No one can talk about their MH without someone assuming it’s for attention.) I just hope at least someone will be able to relate to this. If anyone ever needs support or someone to vent to, feel free to PM me. I might not be of much help, but I know how helpful it can be to have someone simply listen to and be there for you :revolving_hearts:

Thank you.


You should never feel embarrassed to seek help. I hate that so many people suffer silently from mental illnesses because of the stigma that is attached to it like you mentioned. Just because you have a home, food, running water, does not mean that your mental health does not matter. You matter.
There is no just “getting over” depression. I have been battling depression and anxiety for decades. Unfortunately, there is a big stigma attached to it.
There are some that marginalize or try to minimize your struggles, and then there are others that think you are “crazy” and fit that “stereotype” that says you need to be locked away.
I know what it’s like to be antisocial. My husband was just commenting to my lawyer the other day how after a car accident a few years ago, I have become even more antisocial than I was before.
Is it healthy?
Am I happier when I’m alone.
But then again, are we really happier when we’re alone.
Yes and no. If we truly wanted to be alone, would we seek out social platforms? I have more of a social life on Episode and Instagram than I do in reality. That’s because I am uncomfortable around other people. The digital screen is a barrier that I can use to protect myself.
I find writing on Episode actually has helped me with my brain fog. I still struggle to express myself, but that is due to my brain injury from my car accident. Somehow, when writing, the words seem to flow better. That’s why I say writing is a good form of therapy.
No, you’re definitely not PMSing.
I hate that stigma that just because you’re having a bad day… it must be hormones. I guess in a way it is hormones, just a different kind. It is the hormones in your brain, not controlled by your reproductive organs. Men deal with mental illness, too.
You don’t come across as someone looking for attention. You are putting your heart out there, and I appreciate you opening up.
Please don’t feel embarrassed about feeling the way you do, and I hope you find the courage to get proper help!
:two_hearts: J. Miley


Wow. Thank you so much for this response. :heart: Words can’t describe how much it means to me.
I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said. About depression not being something you can “just get over” (if only that was the case), the stigmas surrounding it, being alone, Episode relieving the brain fog, writing being therapeutic. Your post hits home for me. It’s extremely relatable. There’s not much I can really comment on because you’ve said it all for me.
The thought of getting treatment honestly makes me want to cry because it’s so overwhelming, but the thought of living the rest of my life feeling like this makes me want to cry even more because it sounds like a nightmare. Would I really be living if I didn’t feel alive? Not at all.
I don’t know what else to say other than thank you for taking the time to reply to me with such honesty and compassion. It made me smile. :two_hearts: And thank you for opening up about your own struggles as well. You matter just as much as I do, and I hope we can one day beat these things together, or at least learn to live with the discomfort that they bring without it completely taking over who we are as people.
Thank you. :two_hearts::heart:


Ik i say this a lot. But thanks for all who are commenting and (hopefully?) will continue to comment on this thread. Each reply made on here is greatly appreciated. So…thanks.


My father


Long rant ahead.

Just Some Thoughts

Depression sucks. It does, really. First, the fact that I have to disguise that I’m not just sad, I’m fucking depressed. It’s not a phase. I’m trying so hard to hide it, so hard to conceal that consuming darkness inside of me. I cut myself, at least occasionally. I cry or tear up at times, for no reason. I’m fucking weak. I have thoughts that consist of, I’m weak. I’ll never be good enough. I’m stupid. I’m ugly. I’m fat. I’m so evil. I’m a disgrace. A disappointment. I’m a failure. What would it have been like if I simply didn’t exist? My family is better off without me. I need to cut deeper. I should upgrade to a knife for cutting. I let everyone down. Mom gave up on me, so eventually I need to give up on myself too. If I was dead, my family would be much happier. I ruin everyone’s lives. I will never be the best, always last. I’m alone. I’m a bitch. Dying, huh?.. Hmm… This was once… No, most of the time. I’m worthless. Take a sip of water every time you see, “I” or “I’m”. Because I’m a selfish, uncaring, evil, nonchalant, fat, ugly bitch. I’m worthless, and stupid. I’ll always be abandoned, and unloved. I’m alone. No one’s here for me, and don’t you dare try to act like you care at all. Should I write a suicide note? I’m scared, and alone. It’s not like anyone cares. Nothing will help me, I’m mentally ill. Depressed. Worthless. Sad. Pathetic. Ugly. An idiot. Can anyone help me? I doubt it. Everyone will say, “You’re doing it for attention. It’s just a phase. Someone’s doing voodoo on you. Stop faking it. Go outside! Take a walk. You’re PMSing. You’re lying.” Let me make it clearer for those who can’t read or see: I AM NOT. I’m just… lost. And I kind of hate myself. Damnit, I give up! starts crying heavily What am I supposed to do? A member of the summer program I go to, asked what was wrong, because every time he asked how I was doing, or how the program is, I’d say, “It’s OK.” Believe me, I really wanted to tell him. I want to tell someone, but I’m hella scared…
Edit: I never do anything right. I can’t. At the moment, I’m contemplating suicide…


I’m always here for you… message me anytime you need


Mental health struggles are real… there is so many more other then depression… there is several types of anxiety and there is bi-polar as well.


I suffer from social anxiety disorder, severe depression disorder, and some other type of anxiety disorder. And my boyfriend suffers from bi-polar…

I have been fighting mental health issues since I was 12 (if not younger). People say oh how do they know what depression is being so young… what can they have anxiety over. Everybody has their own situations… you never know what someone is going through that’s why you can’t judge them. Maybe they lost their dad. Maybe they got bullied everyday in school. Maybe they lost their best friend. Maybe they lost their first love. You know people who bully others don’t realize that it can led to depression and scar the people for life. Like I said I have been dealing with depression since I was about 12. I got bullied and picked on at school for as long as I can remember… from elementary school all the way through high school… now I’m 31 years old and the mental illness is worst then when I was younger. I have thought everyone will be better off if I wasn’t here anymore I have thought maybe if I disappear things will be okay I have thought maybe if I cut myself I will feel better honestly none of that helps at all… I have felt alone ever since my best friend passed away. I feel alone a lot… I fight with myself constantly. I’m always thinking… im fat, I’m ugly, I’m never gone be good enough, will this ever stop, will the pain ever go away, how can I make it stop, how can I make it go away, I feel like everyone judges me and hates me, I feel like I can’t trust anyone. I think I’m disgusting
I think each person’s Story is a special thing!!!


Thank you. I’m here for you, too.