Mental Health Things(Trigger Warning)


All your problems matter people. Some may not understand what it’s like and that’s okay, they don’t need to. You are allowed to be upset, you are allowed to cry and you are allowed to freak out.

We may never be cured but we can only find better and healthy coping mechanisms. You are strong and i believe in that. Please never give up.


I cannot promise that things may get better for you, but i hope you find it bearable at least. A mental illness can be very debilitating and encompassing, but you are all strong for surviving and still holding on. Please keep seeking help, it’s a powerful move and try whatever you can to help yourself.

TW: mention of self harm/may be harmful for those with E.D.s

Sooo my mom found out that I haven’t been eating at all whoops. I haven’t been cutting (we have to wear short sleeved shirts in P.E.) but this is so much easier, I don’t have to do anything. It’s not an eating disorder, I don’t care about my weight, I care about punishment. Now I get quizzed on what I ate once she gets home and today I didn’t check what was in the fridge so I failed. I don’t really know why I wrote this, it’s just nice to be completely honest somewhere because I lie too much in real life.


Oh shit, I love the idea behind this thread. My mental health is a pretty big part of my life so I’m trying to be more open about it in general, mostly because of the stigma. I have schizophrenia, and I don’t know what the hell it is about schizophrenia that makes 12 year old girls who try really hard to have edge or whatever go wild, but on my old insta account I was super open about it and I had a lot of people going into my dms just straight up interviewing me on really personal shit about if i think about murdering people or if i hallucinate or not… it’s like some people just totally lose all their ability to just be normal if a mentally ill person shows up. The current story I’m writing has a schizophrenic mc, and the amount of creeps that have shown up in the fanmail asking if she could stop being schizophrenic cause it’s annoying, or that she was too weird makes me feel like I’m just not ever going to be treated as anybody normal would, you know?

@brinn yeah, I’m recovering from an eating disorder. My reason’s pretty dumb, I didn’t want to get thin or nothing I literally just liked the sensation of being hungry. I gotta drink a shitton of protein shakes now because to be honest, I hate eating a lot. The time it makes to cook any good food, the sounds people make when they’re eating, the feeling you get when you’re full… blaaaargh. I hope things go well for you in the future anyhow.

Other shit that has happened that I need to vent about


-this one girl came into my PM’s on insta completely unbidden and she dumped all this shit on me about how she’s depressed and nobody understands her and that her mom didn’t help her do her homework this night so she was considering suicide and it’s like, yeah I’m AWARE that you need help my man, but just because I have the illness doesn’t mean that i’m a therapist. I don’t know why you would tell that to a random stranger on the internet, or a stranger running a silly episode account no less. I told her that I was having a pretty bad day mental health-wise and I wasn’t exactly equipped to answer this, sent her the suicide hotline, etc etc etc, and she responded with how she was going to slit her throat tonight and that just because I’m hallucinating or whatever doesn’t mean that I should let her kill herself. seriously, fuck people like this.

-so there’s this story going around by an author called Katdoll and it’s called Therapy 101. The storyline is about a hot sexy bad boy who’s schizophrenic, goes to therapy, and faces all the difficulties of being schizophrenic with a totally rad gangster 'tude, yeah.
It pretty much got everything about being schizophrenic and going to therapy wrong, I won’t get into it but I did a review on it (not on the story or anything, just pointed out the things that it did badly), and then posted it on my current insta page, and later tagged katdoll in it. Katdoll got really pissed and made this super passive aggressive comment on the post about how it’s her story and because I’m schizophrenic doesn’t mean that I can just say whatever I want about it, she didn’t care that I was mentally ill, blahblahblah, then blocked me so that I couldn’t reply to it. Then she unblocked me, deleted the comment, and put another one which was like “hi sweetie! :slight_smile: how about you keep your mouth to yourself :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :)”
Idk which one was worse tbh. she’s a nasty woman.
Funny thing is, the only reason I know about that story is because some guy commented on one of my posts being like, ‘I found a story where the mc is schizophrenic u wanna read it’, so now everytime someone mentions that story my fight or flight response gets set off lmao

Anyway… those are my sob stories. Thanks for making this thread.


Youre welcome i thought it would be closed down by now ha


That author is incredibly ignorant. If I see something offensive and call someone out for it, it’s not me being rude or mean, it’s me rightfully calling out something that is wrong. I’m sorry you had to deal with her…

Also I follow a few people on Instagram who have mental health stuff going on and they post about it and they have to consistently write on their stories that they are not therapists.


Thank you for standing up. I know I am late but I wanted to say something. You should have talked addressed her about it and had a right to for exposing her injustice and disrespectful way of addressing mental illness. She was being ignorant. Again, thank you.