Mental Illness in my Story? (pls help 🙏🏼)

okay, here’s the deal. in my story, one of the characters ends up getting shot as the result of a hate crime. i want to involve a storyline about the girlfriend developing ptsd. at the time, her girlfriend got shot and she develops ptsd in the process of healing from the aftermath. i personally have dealt with mental illness, but as far as i know ptsd isn’t one of them. i know more about it than most, hearing stories from others, stuff like that. but i don’t want to contribute to the misinformation about the condition. if anyone knows anything about ptsd, has it, or knows someone who has it, do you have any recommendations about it? is there anything i should or shouldn’t include? any advice is helpful, thanks! :revolving_hearts:

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Maybe add a trigger warning in the beginning of the story.
Or even a skip option… If it’s through the story, then a trigger warning should suffice.
As long as your not romanticizing it. You’re fine.
A lot of people talk about in their stories.


yep, i’ve already included a trigger warning at the beginning as it contains things like depictions/descriptions of violence, but when i add that storyline i’ll definitely include that. and i would also never romanticize it, i hate whenever people do that. thanks for the feedback!! :blush:


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I have PTSD, but symptoms and such play out really differently for many people. If you have any questions about it, hit me up!


PTSD is an interesting one. It doesn’t have to be caused by one single traumatic event.

I have a friend who developed PTSD over the course of their childhood because they have parents who get very violent during arguments. There’s no single event that caused their PTSD.

The smallest things can trigger this person. Even things that were fine 10 mins ago! Then they just kinda sit and relive the memory. The flashbacks are so vivid that sometimes they can get a little… physical themselves. They’ve never hurt another person but they do often hurt themselves. They also have nightmares frequently.


It just depends on what is happening during the story. Some things can trigger memories and give them flashbacks. I know for me I was involved in a automotive accident where I was hit by a car. I get flashbacks a lot and nightmares as well, also those are just some things if what I go through

Please just do research… everyone’s is different. Any question asked can be solved by a quick Google search.

Anywho… How mild do you want it to be? How is it triggered? How often? Is it restrictive in everyday life?

A lot of mental illnesses are distinct in their own way. Just think as though your character were a real person. How would this affect someone in real life? A good suggestion is to research PTSD on those who have experienced/related to gun violence/shootings. :slightly_smiling_face:

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