Mental Illness+OCD Misrepresentation

Hi all. So recently I created a thread titled “OCD Misuse (Trying To Spread Awareness)”

I talked about my personal struggles and annoyances with both my head and the people who are around me. Now when I say “people around me” I’m talking specifically about the people who constantly misuse the disorder’s name and/or don’t take it seriously. OCD (which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is often looked at as an adjective. People don’t realize that in actuality it is a serious and very debilitating disorder. Within the people who are actually diagnosed (which you have to be to have it, no self-diagnosing nonsense), there are different levels of severity.

So… I thought I’d make this thread where people can talk about other mental, physical, etc issues that are often overlooked and not understood. These can be issues/struggles you personally face, or just topics you notice. Spread some awareness!!

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Here’s a link to a (wordy) thread I made a while ago about OCD and my thoughts about how it’s represented in today’s society:

Here’s the links to my two stories about OCD: