Mental Illness potrayed in stories

Been using episode for quite a while now, and I read some stories where the main character or other characters have certain mental illness. I have no problem with mental illness being in stories just as long as its potrayed correctly and dosen’t romanticize it. One story in particular gets some symptoms of schizoaffective disorder correct but leaves out entirely the major ones. Not only that but it seems like the author is trying to label this illness as “badass” or “cool to have” when its really not. I myself have dealt schizophrenia (disorder similar to schizoaffective) and currently am right now, and its complete hell. Sorry if i sounds like I’m bitching, its just bothers me :confused:


Big OOF that’s uncomfortable :grimacing:


No I definitely understand where you’re coming from. When mental illnesses are added to stories it’s important to tell the real story behind them. There is a reason they are called illnesses. I hope you’re doing well :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


100% agree that it needs to be portrayed correctly. I can’t stand it when people are romanticizing it. It’s not cool or a lifestyle, it’s a MENTAL ILLNESS.

I’m currently working on a nursing plan (I don’t know if that’s the word for it in English) as essay about schizophrenia, thought that was a funny coincidence :laughing:

By the way, I hope you’re doing well! Stay strong, I know you can do it :heartpulse:


I myself have also seen this, and it is quite ignorant of other people to do so. I don’t understand why people don’t fully educate themselves on mental illnesses and share factual information and characteristics of mental illnesses. It’s not like it’s a mental challenge to go fucking read or talk to someone who has that mental illness. But I suppose people just don’t care or think who they may be upsetting or offending. I also have seen people make mental hospitals look entertaining or cool to be in when really, they are not. People on the episode app who write these stories are clearly undereducated, but unfortunately most of these authors wouldn’t give two fucks about what others have to say.

And you shouldn’t apologize for your feelings and opinions. There are many people who agree with you just like there are people who don’t agree with you.


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No, I get what you’re talking about. I used to see this literally all the time with people making mental illnesses seem “edgy” and “badass”. You’re not b*tching at all, and you’re definitely right.