Mentioning Companies and Brands In The Story?


For example, let’s say I mentioned Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Gucci, Calvin Klein? I mentioned Netflix in my script, but I’m not sure if that is ok?


Idk but Ik just to stay safe just use fake or made up ones that people will know that it’s that. Like Aeitflix or Episodeflix


Yes, I would just make up fake parody names of the brands like JesusLover2.0 said. I have heard of authors being reported for using brand names, and having to go back and edit them out.

Epiflix is another version of Netflix l have heard.


Can we write things like ‘Jetflix’ or ‘Petflix’?


Yes. As long as you don’t use the real company name, you are pretty safe.


I know you can’t use it in backgrounds and you have to change the name of brand (for example: I had to change Instagram to Epigram) but I think it’s fine to say it in your story, but if you want to be really safe then u could change the names.