Mentioning plays

Am I able to put on a play in my story? Like a Shakespeare play maybe? Am i like allowed to mention the name and maybe find some lines online somewhere? Like the whole story won’t be a play just like the school is putting on a play and the girl is in it.

I think it depends on which play. If it’s a recent play maybe not, but an old Shakespeare play should be fine. The story “the shaw brothers” had an episode with Romeo and Juliet play I think and nothing happened. And that story is one of the most popular stories with millions of reads so I don’t think it should be an issue

Okay great thanks!

Just a heads up for a bit more info.
Plays and other old literature such as by Shakespeare are public domain because of the amount of time it has been since they were written. So, there is no copyright on his works. Legally there is no measure preventing you from using Shakespeare. However, Episode is a platform with its own guidelines that may extend outside of copyright laws, so you should contact someone within Episode to confirm this would be allowed on the platform just in case.
Good luck with your story! :blue_heart:

Okay, thanks for the advice!