Mentor needed, have story, have no idea how to code


Looking for someone who’s good at the formatting needed for this app and is ok with violence and some triggering topics (slavery etc.) Excerpts from my story included MATURE CONTENT





If you are starting out, I recommend looking up
Joseph Evans tutorials on you tube. They really help when you are just starting out :slight_smile:


I’d love to help you if you still need help!


hi there i love playing episode and wanting to wright my own story i am currently on my second episode but i have no idea how to code and when i enter a character to enter on screen it keeps saying there is an error. i would appreciate any help given thank you. xx


If you’re still looking for help, I’d be happy to help you with any questions you have. :smile:


hi there yes im still looking for help i keep getting errors when trying to enter and place charactors and also when making choices iv followed advice on the web page but something keeps going wrong and im not sure what it is, x


Here’s the code for that.
@CHAR enters from left to screen center

It can be a little annoying when it doesn’t work!


Could you also show me what you have on the script?


@BROOKLYN changes into BROOKLYN_default
“Looking good” {
} “See another one” {
@BROOKLYN starts think_loop

this is for the choice im trying to do and keeps saying there must be a dialouge not a branch.

@ZANE enters from right to screen center
@ZANE faces right

and this is when im trying to enter charactors and turn the right way but keeps saying you cannot use a directing command…

any ideas xx


For the choice, you need a press enter and then have a closing curly bracket.

For the second one I don’t see any errors


Maybe show me the whole thing


@BROOKLYN changes into BROOKLYN_default
choice BROOKLYN(I wonder what i will wear.)
“Looking good” {
} “See another one” {
@BROOKLYN starts think_loop

    BROOKLYN (talk_greet)
I am ready now.

this is the choice i am trying to do.


Here’s what it should look like.

@BROOKLYN changes into BROOKLYN_default

BROOKLYN (think_loop)
(I wonder what I should wear…)

“Looking Good” {
} “See Another One” {
@BROOKLYN starts think_loop

BROOKLYN (talk greet)
I am ready now.

This should solve the problem.


thank you that has worked but t its not acceppting the symbols. sorry to be a pain just want to write my own story.


No it’s fine!!

But what do you mean when you say the symbols don’t work?