Menu! please help me

I have no absolute idea on how to make a menu. I try and try and I just can’t. Can someone please help me by creating a script!


Menu Background:

I want the START to be in the top row but far right
The FAQ to be in the middle row but towards the far left
The FINISH to be in the last row but towards the far right

Please help me! I need help.

You may need to change the overlay JEPG to PNG

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This video I’ve linked might be able to help you more than anyone on the forums. It’s a step by step tutorial on how to create, upload, place, and get the overlays to become tappable. I hope this helps!


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Thank you!

here you have the spotting:

&overlay CROWN_START create
&overlay CROWN_FAQ create
&overlay CROWN_FINISH create

&overlay CROWN_START shifts to 185 340
&overlay CROWN_START scales to 0.466 0.466
&overlay CROWN_FAQ shifts to 24 215
&overlay CROWN_FAQ scales to 0.466 0.466
&overlay CROWN_FINISH shifts to 185 90
&overlay CROWN_FINISH scales to 0.466 0.466

&overlay CROWN_FAQ opacity 1
&overlay CROWN_START opacity 1
&overlay CROWN_FINISH opacity 1

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