Mermaid baby magic

A mermaid goes out of her world and goes meet a human while she she falls in love and stays there for a long time…


She sleeps with him and has a baby

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The baby was a boy and he was so cute but…

He was a fairy mermaid human creature (Species I made up called “Fairy-Human-Mermaids”)

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Do you need a overlay

(Not yet but if I want one I will ask you.)

16 years later he was in high school and a new girl came that he had never seen before

She was a tantorian fairy (A fairy species I made up that controls and creates a lot of elements, is human sized and has Tinkerbell wings with pointed ears. like tinkerbell’s)

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But he didn’t know that (can their species not like each other or have a problem but they know but don’t but know)

(Fairy human mermaid have a tail, but it is in like skin almost, cuz inside is their legs, think of a mermaid costume but the part that hides your legs is stuck to your legs whereas the fin part is free but covers your feet, and they have Tinkerbell wings with pointed ears (not the long ones, ear length ones) like that as well, and they controls plants, and water, when in that form but can look human as well as changing into a mermaid and into a fairy and bc they are part human they can create and build things easier than everyone else.)

They meet in a weird way they both meet…

When he is walking and bumps into her while she is in a possible attack by mermaids standing on a red box eating bugs and cotton and fireflies with red bees mixed with ice cream and salt and hot saulsa

He trys to cover the mermaids so that she won’t notice and trys to grab her gently and move her were she can’t no long see them

She pushes him off in a harsh force using the air

Her: WHAT the heck are you doing

Her: And is this some type of joke?

Him: What is happening?!

Her: The mermaids have broken Tantorian Law!

Him: Mermaids?

@HIM laughs

@Her is shy

Him: Mermaids are not real

Her: Ha right they are fake

Him: It is just a tale from us people

Him: you actually don’t believe in it do u

Her: No, of course not! (Little liar C;) I am mearly…fooling around. That is all.