Mermaid Outfit Suggestions?!

Help! :confounded:

I’m attempting to write a story that revolves around sirens (mermaids) and god knows that the episode portal has NOTHING suitable for mermaid wear. I just need something that can pass for a mermaid outfit (male and female)

So if anybody has suggestions or outfits they’d like to share, it’d mean a lot to me.

I’m writing for both INK and Limelight
So outfits for either or both would work!

If you could, share a screenshot of the outfit below.

Thank you so much!!!

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There isnt any clothing on the portal but I think @episode.advice on IG has tail overlays for INK.

But you can use long skirts as well


I usually just use long skirts and crop tops or bikini tops for the females and for males I use the pants call Loose Pant Skirt

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Maybe something like this?

and this for ink?

I’m not sure. Long skirts will have to do.


Use mermaid tail overlays… and personally i think the @sit ankle cross legs is the best position for ur mermaid character… its usually how they would sit on rocks. U put the tail overlay and see what i mean :grin:

-maybe the genie top? For ink

  • the leaf top for LL