Mermaid overlays

Hey so I’m writing a new story about mermaids/sirens and i’m having trouble finding mermaid tail PNG’s if anyone could send me some REALISTIC mermaid tail png’s it would be greatly appreciated!


you can find more on

You can go to @episode.advice ig page, click on their link,then our drive, then @allieseepisode then overlays, the mermaid tails. Be sure to credit them!

thank you so much!

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thank you!!

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Heeeeey! Can I use these royalty-free? ㅇ❤️ㅇ

I’m writing a story about sirens too!! But both of mine are in Spotlight so I don’t have that problem oof

Yep, you can they’re free to use

hi , i kind of have a question , i read a mermaid story (which i don’t remember it name lol) and when they used the overlays (the mermaid tail) they removed the leges
is that possible ? and if it is could you give me the coding please ? :heart:

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Yes that would be helpful

Please don’t bump really old threads, and no there is no way to “remove” the legs of a character

Episode Life Episode life has a bunch of amazing mermaid tails!