Merr's art shop🦋 [CLOSED]

@Perry you want the exact same pose with the hair cup and the same hairstyle, right?

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Here’s your pfp

Sorry it took so long! Hope you like it! And tell me if you need any changes! :blush:

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i ain’t send my characters yet cause i wanted to ask can u do this pose for my two main characters for my pfp

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Omg it’s so good thank you !!! How can I give u credit?

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Sure, I can try

:blush:You can use my user name here @MerrD

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I can’t find you on instagram

Oh I don’t have Instagram

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Alright I’ll write ur name as MerrD?

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oh my gosh THANK YOU!! :heart_eyes: :relaxed:

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Sierra details (female)

Body : neutral 03

Brow:Straight medium-black dark

Hair:sleek ponytail-black dark

Eyes:female generic -brown dark

Face:Diamond defines contour

Nose:Defined natural

Lips:full wide-pink warm gloss

(sounds waves tattoo ,snake and rose tattoo ink multicolor ,beauty mark mole eye)

Allen details (male)

Body:Rose 04

Brow-straight medium scar-chestnut brown

Hair:Messy undercut-Light brown

Eyes: Deepest downturned lidded-Brown light

Face:square long jaw stubble

Nose:Greican narrow

Lips:full heart natural- neutral medium nude gloss

(scar cheek ,tribal sleeve tattoo)


Sierra outfit (off shoulder tank cotton tan,water proof black plants leather grey black)

Allen outfit (Chain accessories ripped jeans denim black ,swoop neck tee cotton grey black)

(no shoes because it’s a pfp so i want it to half)

if u can’t do the pose i’ll change it thank you

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Character details

Body: Tan
Brow Shape & Color: Defined natural
Hair Style & Color: beach wave, black
Eye Shape & Color: upturned feline, taupe
Face Shape: oval
Nose Shape: elven
Lip Shape & Color: full round, taupe



Character pic


If you can, would you please add her a pair of big hoops :rofl: Thank you!

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Is it free ?

Yes😊 Totally free

Sure! I’ll get it done

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I get to it😃

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could you maybe send picture of both you characters please?