Message to art groups. MUST READ!


This needs to stop. When an author says “I need a cover” and 3 people say they can do it, the author has plenty of people to choose from. Do not be a mean and cold-hearted bish saying “episode _______ can do it. Need examples? Go here.” When three people wanted to do it. Be nice. Let other people do art for a change.


Good on you Amani. good point.


Yessss! :yellow_heart:


Hmm?? WYM “good on you?”

Haha sorry. English isn’t my first language so it’s a bit hard when it comes too sayings.


Great job. Good for you


Oh ok thank you.


Thank you!!! :raised_hands:


Haha yeah I saw it happened to you on one of the three and I was like awww heck naw. And made this.


I know so many art groups that do this!
Happened on one of my forms :slight_smile:


I support! Obviously. :slight_smile::raised_hands:t3::joy:

If you don’t support this thread, sorry, but you’re crazy. :joy:


I think art groups are way to competitive and that is there problem. Episode is supposed to be a fun way to get t ok know people and have fun…




Yes it’s nice to have some options but what I Do not like is when someone has chosen an individual artist of a art group and episode blank comes along and says I can help go here!


Ikr?? Especially when they choose the art group instead of the person they already choose


Mmmhm it’s not fair to the artists. I think maybe everyone just needs to chill. If someone needs something THEY WILL CONTACT YOU


Okay I’m done.


Your a goddess :blush:

I don’t have anything against art groups, I think it’s a great idea, but these art groups already have a lot of requests. Why do they need to jump at every single opportunity there is, when other artists already replied they would make it? They should just stick to their own request thread and let newer artist make it.


Exactly!! and thank you, I am a goddess


Got that right :heart: :joy: