Messed up lines - positioning


so i’ve just started on editing with a laptop (previously on my phone but cant do that now) and i’ve completely messed up the positions of the characters in this scene by trying to move them for a misplaced speech bubble.
some help would be greatly appreciated!
They now enter from the top of the screen and there are some directing errors.
aadelaides first spot and fire chiefs first spot are incorrect adn i dont know how to fix it now i cant use the phone to help edit
I’ve had to remove the at symbols as its saying i cant mention more than 2 users yet even though im not trying to mention anyone :confused:

thanks in advance

#beat starts
transition fade out black in 1
&ADELAIDE spot 0.86 66 239 in zone 3 then ADELAIDE faces right AND ADELAIDE idle_sad
&ADELAIDE moves to layer 6
&FIRE CHIEF spot 0.9 209 277 in zone 3 then FIRE CHIEF faces left AND FIRE CHIEF starts angry
pan to zone 3 in 0.0
ADELAIDE changes into Firefighter
ADELAIDE changes hairColor into Black
ADELAIDE changes mouthColor into Bordeaux
ADELAIDE changes eyesColor into Black
ADELAIDE changes hair into Monday Morning Updo
ADELAIDE changes eyebrows into Seductive Arch
ADELAIDE changes nose into Refined
ADELAIDE changes face into Soft Heart
ADELAIDE changes bodyColor into Honey
ADELAIDE changes eyes into Upturned Bold
ADELAIDE changes mouth into Classic Slender
FIRE CHIEF changes into Firefighter
FIRE CHIEF changes hairColor into Chestnut
FIRE CHIEF changes mouthColor into Orange Crush
FIRE CHIEF changes eyesColor into Brown
FIRE CHIEF changes hair into Short Curly Hair
FIRE CHIEF changes eyebrows into Smooth Arch
FIRE CHIEF changes nose into Pointed
FIRE CHIEF changes face into Defined Oblong
FIRE CHIEF changes bodyColor into Dark
FIRE CHIEF changes eyes into Slender Natural
FIRE CHIEF changes mouth into Mature Slender
transition fade in black in 1
#beat ends
#beat starts
&ADELAIDE walks to spot 1.39 74 -44 in zone 3 THEN ADELAIDE faces right AND ADELAIDE starts idle
&ADELAIDE moves to layer 6
&FIRE CHIEF walks to spot 1.38 249 -12 in zone 3 THEN FIRE CHIEF faces left AND FIRE CHIEF starts idle
&FIRE CHIEF moves to layer 7


#beat ends
#beat starts
&FIRE CHIEF walks to spot 1.16 450 104 in zone 3 THEN FIRE CHIEF faces left AND remove FIRE CHIEF
&FIRE CHIEF moves to layer 7
@pause for a beat
#beat ends
#beat starts

    ADELAIDE (talk_doubtful)
Ok, I think they get it.

#beat ends


Maybe your spots are wrong, you’re placing your character on the top of the screen at the beginning (you use the spot 239 and 277), and then they move to the spot at the bottom of the screen (you use the spot -44 and -12). Maybe you need to change those last numbers.