Metamorphose (ART NEEDED)

My story is called Metamorphose. I would love a small and large cover for my story. I have a certain way I want the large main cover to look like and I want the second one to be different. if possible id two versions of them edited and drawn. if not then edited. the art scenes I’m not entirely sure.
The large main cover I want only of my female character (yani). I want her face to be the main visual and for it to split in half one side of her face sad with a tear coming down and the another of her face kind of not evil but cold and mischievous with a smirk. around them and behind them I want it to be kind of blank and grey smokey if that makes sense. Its hard to put into words.

The second cover I want it to be the main male character (Enzo) and her. almost like the vampire diaries season covers. him sitting down on a chair with his default outfit on looking somewhat angry and sad at the same time im not sure what emotion to call that. and for the main female to stand next to him in her default outfit her hand resting on his shoulder while her other hand is holding a knife and that had has blood running down it and shes looking at the knife and her hand smiling.

The background :

I will provide full credit to whoever does this <3

For the second smaller cover I want it to be the female charcter’s face crying like this:

And for it to be my character Yani with a tear going down her face. the picture is an example since I cant put it into words.

These are my characters and in the outfits I want them in.

Character details :
skin tone: copper 03
hair: messy undercut/ jet black
brow: arched medium/ jet black
eyes: male generic/ grey cool
mouth: medium straight natural/ rose light nude matte
nose: straight pointed
face: triangle chiseled scruffy beard

skin tone: copper 03
hair: wavy long/ jet black
brow: arched natural/ jet black
eyes: deepest almond / pale brown
mouth: full round pouty/ rose light nude matte
nose: defined natural
face: diamond defined contour

sorry its a lot to read i just thought id make it easier for whoever hopefully does this , to understand.
I will truly appreciate if you do this. thank you!!

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