Mezoria’s fashion show

Lately, I have been testing out the portal on my laptop and made my character. So I’m gonna show pictures of what my character wears.

I’m not sure if this counts as general chat or episode related because this is me, being random with my character

Everyone meet Mezoria (pronounced as Mez-zor-ree-ya)

Mezoria & her pet cat, Donnie :cat::cat::cat::cat::cat::cat::cat::cat::cat:

My sass is on fire :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: someone call the fire brigade :fire_engine::fire_engine::fire_engine::fire_engine::fire_engine::fire_engine:

So rosy, so red :rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose:

I’m so badass in black

Angel of darkness

Lady in red

Pretty in pink

Keeping it casual in black & pink

Ready for prom

Sweat is fat crying

Hitting the gym

About to raise hell


I only have 3 :cry:
Meeeeeeeeet Blobishagan (Blob-bish-hagan)
French lady

Meet weirdo Zara (we-ir-do Za-ra)
Weird Fairy Galaxy outfit

Police with terrible pants


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Thanks. I was confused there!

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Them galaxy pants go well with the beach pic

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No problem! It happens. :grin:

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This is Mezoria’s love interest

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