Mi Amor! First 3 Episodes Out Now

Hello there! So, I just finished the first three episodes of my brand new story, “Mi Amor!” Here’s what it’s about:

You play me. Yes, me. This is a true story based on events that have actually happened to me. When I was a freshman, I met this guy who was two grades above me. Honesty? It was love at first sight. We had an instant “click.” Later on, I discovered that he was Mexican (why he never mentioned it? I don’t know.) Now, I’m not talking like he has Mexican in him. His entire family up until his generation had been born and raised in Mexico. He was one of the first ones to be born in America. Him and his entire family spoke fluent Spanish. Now, I never thought this would be a problem. However, if you know anything about Mexican culture, you know that it is VERY important to them to keep their bloodline “pure,” if you will. You see, to his parents, I was a threat. They HATED the fact that I was white, and felt that I was corrupting their son. The lengths they went to get me out of his life were immeasurable. However, in the end, love prevailed!

And that’s the gist. You can find my story here:

Thank you!

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Oh, shit.
I had that exact same problem, exept, my boyfriend was Muslim, his parents hated me, said I was dating him for attenton (he was a year younger than me), then after… six or so months of us knowing each other, his parents cut all contact between us, and I haven’t heard from him since.

Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that.
His parents attempted to cut contact between us, but luckily my boyfriend paid for his own phone so they couldn’t do much. They did prevent us from hanging out, though, and often we would have to sneak around just to see one another.
I just soon hope that people will realize that they need to let their kids love who they want.

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Well, your story is good so far.

Thank you! I appreciate that.
Anything I can improve?

This actually sound interesting…

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