Mia's Outfit Generator! (INK & LL) {OPEN!}

Hi and welcome to my Outfit Generator! I can do INK and LL. You don’t have to be too detailed. Just write down what it’s for (like casual, part, etc.) I do not need credit


Have a nice day/night!

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Are you on now?
If so I need different clothes for this girl named faith:

She is an MC (Main Character) and the only requirement I have is that she needs her rose tattoo on her hip to be seen as it is a crucial bit of her. (She gets asked about why she has it and the reason is it is to honour her little sister Roselle who got snatched when they were kids)

I’m available

Is there any special event or just casual

Nothing to special… It is for episodes 1 and up where she picks an outfit but the rose tattoo needs to be seen as it is important in later episodes… Although she does get sucked into a vortex inside her mirror.

So casual?


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How many? 1?

As many as you feel like making, I can go with 1 if you would prefer though. :3

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Ok :3

What freckles does she have?

freckles heavy (00-03)

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@Kayla.Writes.Episode, here’s your request. If your not fond of the outfit, please just tell me


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Can I request 1 female casual outfit Ink and 1 male Ink please?

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Here’s your request @KatieI, sorry it took so long. If your’re not fond of the outfit, please just tell me

Can I request 3 casual male ink outfits, and 3 casual but formal male ink outfits? (Hope that’s not too much)

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